2022 UWW Males’s & Ladies’s World Cup Match Notes – Day 1

December 11, 2022

It is a fantastic day for a premier worldwide wrestling occasion and a fantastic day for stay running a blog, and so we are going to do each right here within the Xtreme Enviornment in Coralville, Iowa as we observe the lads’s and ladies’s freestyle wrestling World Cup in real-time.

The American women and men have two duals every as we speak on Day 1. Tomorrow is third and first place matches for each males’s and ladies’s freestyle. 

The duals as we speak decide what, if any, placement Group USA will wrestle for. The boys’s quad takes on Mongolia at 11:00 AM jap, and Georgia later at 7:00 PM jap. The ladies wrestle China at 12:30 PM jap after which wrap up the day with the All-World workforce at 8:30 PM. 

The complete schedule might be discovered right here. The listing of rosters is right here. All of the archives might be discovered right here (seek for a wrestler or workforce to drag up the precise match you are searching for). Field scores will likely be on the prime of the article, adopted by the stay weblog. 


Males’s Freestyle

Pool A

1) USA (2-0)

2) Georgia (1-1)

3) Mongolia (0-2)

Pool B

1) Iran (2-0)

2) All-World Group (1-1)

3) Japan (0-0)

1st place bout: USA vs Iran

third place bout: Georgia vs All-World Group

Spherical 1

USA 7, Mongolia 3

57: Zane Richards (United States) VFO Nasanbuyan Narmandakh (Mongolia), 10-0

61: Seth Gross (United States) VFO Munkh Altansuvd (Mongolia), 0-0

65: Tulga Tumurochir (Mongolia) VFO John Diakomihalis (United States), 10-3

70: Tyler Berger (United States) VSU Munkhtulga Zuunbayan (Mongolia), 10-0 2:53

74: Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (Mongolia) VPO Vincenzo Joseph (United States), 8-0

79: Jordan Burroughs (United States) VSU Temuujin Mendbileg (Mongolia), 10-0 1:05

86: Zahid Valencia (United States) VSU Bat Bayasgalan (Mongolia), 10-0 0:29

92: Nathan Jackson (United States) VFO Byambadorj Baterdene (Mongolia), 0-0

97: Kyle Snyder (United States) VFO Batzul Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia), 0-0

125: Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur (Mongolia) VPO1 Hayden Zillmer (United States), 3-1

Iran 9, Japan 1

57: Reza Momenijoujadeh (Iran) VPO1 Taichi Yamaguchi (Japan), 6-5

61: Kaito Morikawa (Japan) VSU1 Ebrahim Elahichouran (Iran), 13-2 5:33

65: Mohammadreza Bagheri (Iran) VPO1 Ryoma Anraku (Japan), 2-1

70: Aliakbar Fazli (Iran) VPO1 Keitaro Ono (Japan), 9-6

74: Mohmmadsadegh Firouzpour(Iran) VPO1 Kirin Kinoshita (Japan), 3-1

79: Ali Savadkouhi (Iran) VSU Yajuro Yamasaki (Japan), 11-0 4:09

86: Alireza Karimi (Iran) VSU Tatsuya Shirai (Japan), 11-0 5:44

92: Kamran Ghasempour (Iran) VSU Satoshi Miura (Japan), 10-0 2:27

97: Amirali Azarpira (Iran) VSU1 Yohei Shinada (Japan), 13-2 3:24

125: Amirreza Masoumi (Iran) VSU Hiroto Ninomiya (Japan), 10-0 1:51

Spherical 2

Georgia 7, Mongolia 3

57: Zanabazar Zandanbud (Mongolia) VPO1 Beka Bujiashvili (Georgia), 9-6

61: Teimuraz Vanishvili (Georgia) VFO Munkh Altansuvd (Mongolia), 0-0

65: Tulga Tumurochir (Mongolia) VSU Beka Lomtadze (Georgia), 11-0 5:10

70: Giorgi Elbakidze (Georgia) VSU1 Tsogtbaatar Damdinbazar (Mongolia), 11-1 1:54

74: Giorgi Sulava (Georgia) VFA Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (Mongolia), 9-4 5:37

79: Vladimeri Gamkrelidze (Georgia) VSU1 Batmagnai Batchuluun (Mongolia), 12-2 3:36

86: Sandro Aminashvili (Georgia) VPO1 Bat Bayasgalan (Mongolia), 8-1

92: Miriani Maisuradze (Georgia) VFO Byambadorj Baterdene (Mongolia), 0-0

97: Givi Matcharashvili (Georgia) VFO Batzul Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia), 0-0

125: Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur (Mongolia) VFA Solomon Manashvili (Georgia), 8-1 2:46

All-World 9, Japan 1

57: Zelimkhan Abakarov (All World Group) VPO Taichi Yamaguchi (Japan), 3-0

61: Kaito Morikawa (Japan) VSU Georgi Vangelov (All World Group), 10-0 1:18

65: Taiyrbek Zhumashbek Uulu (All World Group) VPO1 Ryoma Anraku (Japan), 4-1

70: Ernazar Akmataliev (All World Group) VSU Keitaro Ono (Japan), 11-0 1:34

74: Tajmuraz Salkazanov (All World Group) VSU Kirin Kinoshita (Japan), 10-0 2:33

79: Arsalan Budazhapov (All World Group) VPO1 Yajuro Yamasaki (Japan), 5-2

86: Azamat Dauletbekov (All World Group) VSU Tatsuya Shirai (Japan), 11-0 5:49

92: Osman Nurmagomedov (All World Group) VSU Satoshi Miura (Japan), 10-0 0:40

97: Batyrbek Tsakulov (All World Group) VSU Yohei Shinada (Japan), 10-0 0:43

125: Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi (All World Group) VSU Hiroto Ninomiya (Japan), 11-0 1:38

Spherical 3

USA 10, Georgia 0

57: Nicholas Suriano (United States) VPO1 Beka Bujiashvili (Georgia), 6-3

61: Seth Gross (United States) VSU Teimuraz Vanishvili (Georgia), 11-0 1:30

65: Yianni Diakomihalis (United States) VSU Beka Lomtadze (Georgia), 11-0 1:18

70: Alec Pantaleo (United States) VPO Giorgi Elbakidze (Georgia), 8-0

74: Jason Nolf (United States) VSU Giorgi Sulava (Georgia), 10-0 4:05

79: Jordan Burroughs (United States) VPO1 Vladimeri Gamkrelidze (Georgia), 5-3

86: Zahid Valencia (United States) VSU Sandro Aminashvili (Georgia), 11-0 0:56

92: Nathan Jackson (United States) VPO1 Miriani Maisuradze (Georgia), 10-4

97: Kyle Snyder (United States) VPO Givi Matcharashvili (Georgia), 6-0

125: Hayden Zillmer (United States) VPO1 Solomon Manashvili (Georgia), 8-7 4:25

Iran 6, All-World Group 4

57: Zelimkhan Abakarov (All World Group) VSU1 Reza Momeni (Iran), 12-2 5:42

61: Georgi Vangelov (All World Group) VPO1 Ebrahim Elahi (Iran), 5-1

65: Rahman Amouzad (Iran) VPO Taiyrbek Zhumashbek Uulu (All World Group), 5-0

70: Amir Yazdani (Iran) VPO1 Ernazar Akmataliev (All World Group), 10-7

74: Tajmuraz Salkazanov (All World Group) VPO Mohmmadsadegh Firouzpour (Iran), 9-0

79: Mohammad Nokhodi (Iran) VSU1 Arsalan Budazhapov (All World Group), 12-2 1:57

86: Alireza Karimi (Iran) VPO Azamat Dauletbekov (All World Group), 4-0

92: Osman Nurmagomedov (All World Group) VPO1 Amirhossein Firouzpour (Iran), 10-10

97: Amirali Azarpira (Iran) VSU Batyrbek Tsakulov (All World Group), 10-0 5:38

125: Amirreza Masoumi (Iran) VSU Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi (All World Group), 12-0 

Ladies’s Freestyle

Pool A

1) Ukraine (2-0)

2) Mongolia (1-1)

3) Japan (0-2)

Pool B

1) China (2-0)

2) USA (1-1)

3) All-World Group (0-2)

1st place bout: Ukraine vs China

2nd place bout: USA vs Mongolia

Spherical 1

China 8, USA 2

50: Jiang Zhu (China) VSU Emily Shilson (United States), 10-0 0:48

53: Li Deng (China) VSU Amy Fearnside (United States), 10-0 2:43

55: Qianyu Pang (China) VPO Jenna Burkert (United States), 4-0

57: Yongxin Feng (China) VSU Amanda Martinez (United States), 10-0 0:59

59: Qi Zhang (China) VSU Michaela Beck (United States), 11-0 2:32

62: Xiaojuan Luo (China) VPO1 Kayla Miracle (United States), 6-4

65: Jia Lengthy (China) VPO1 Mallory Velte (United States), 12-8

68: Feng Zhou (China) VSU Sienna Ramirez (United States), 10-0 0:59

72: Amit Elor (United States) VPO Qiandegenchagan Qiandegenchagan (China), 5-0

76: Dymond Guilford (United States) VPO1 Juan Wang (China), 7-2

Mongolia 5, Japan 5 (Mongolia wins on standards, most pins)

50: Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) VPO1 Hanano Sakurai (Japan), 3-3

53: Rino Kataoka (Japan) VPO1 Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia), 5-1

55: Moe Kiyooka (Japan) VPO1 Bolortuya Bat ochir (Mongolia), 6-4

57: Ruka Natami (Japan) VPO Erdenesuvd Erdene (Mongolia), 3-0

59: Himeka Tokuhara (Japan) VPO1 Sumiya Erdenechimeg (Mongolia), 5-3

62: Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia) VPO1 Yui Sakano (Japan), 7-5

65: Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia) VPO1 Miyu Imai (Japan), 9-4

68: Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia) VFA Kumi Kobayashi (Japan), 6-0 1:30

72: Davaanasan Enkh amar (Mongolia) VFO Yuka Fujikura (Japan), 0-0

76: Nodoka Yamamoto (Japan) VPO Burmaa Ochirbat (Mongolia), 2-0

Spherical 2

Ukraine 7, Mongolia 3

50: Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) VPO1 Oksana Livach (Ukraine), 8-2

53: Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia) VPO1 Albina Rillia (Ukraine), 6-4

55: Alina Hrushyna (Ukraine) VFA Bolortuya Batochir (Mongolia), 5-0 2:12

57: Yuliia Tkach (Ukraine) VFA Erdenesuvd Erdene (Mongolia), 2-0 0:25

59: Iryna Bondar (Ukraine) VFA Davaachimeg Erkhembayar (Mongolia), 4-0 1:00

62: Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia) VPO1 Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine), 12-7

65: Kateryna Zelenykh (Ukraine) VPO1 Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia), 12-10

68: Tetiana Sova (Ukraine) VPO1 Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia), 5-2

72: Alla Belinska (Ukraine) VPO1 Davaanasan Enkhamar (Mongolia), 6-5

76: Anastasiia Osniach (Ukraine) VFA Tsevegmed Enkhbayar (Mongolia), 4-0 0:56

China 5, All-World Group 5 (China wins on standards — most pins, defaults or DQs)

50: Jiang Zhu (China) VFA Anna Lukasiak (All World Group), 4-2 5:25

53: Li Deng (China) VPO1 Maria Prevolaraki (All World Group), 2-1

55: Qianyu Pang (China) VPO Karla Godinez gonzalez (All World Group), 4-0

57: Yongxin Feng (China) VIN Zhala Aliyeva (All World Group), 14-6 3:56

59: Anastasia Nichita (All World Group) VFA Qi Zhang (China), 2-1 3:17

62: Aisuluu Tynybekova (All World Group) VPO Xiaojuan Luo (China), 4-0

65: Mimi Hristova (All World Group) VPO1 Jia Lengthy (China), 10-8

68: Irina Ringaci (All World Group) VPO1 Feng Zhou (China), 7-4

72: Zhamila Bakbergenova (All World Group) VPO1 Qiandegenchagan (China), 4-2

76: Juan Wang (China) VPO1 Yasemin Adar (All World Group), 5-1

Spherical 3

Ukraine 5, Japan 5 (Ukraine wins through standards — most pins)

50: Hanano Sakurai (Japan) VPO1 Oksana Livach (Ukraine), 3-1

53: Rino Kataoka (Japan) VPO1 Albina Rillia (Ukraine), 2-2

55: Alina Hrushyna (Ukraine) VPO Moe Kiyooka (Japan), 3-0

57: Yuliia Tkach (Ukraine) VPO Ruka Natami (Japan), 4-0

59: Iryna Bondar (Ukraine) VPO1 Himeka Tokuhara (Japan), 6-4

62: Yui Sakano (Japan) VSU1 Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine), 13-2 4:54

65: Miyu Imai (Japan) VPO1 Kateryna Zelenykh (Ukraine), 4-4

68: Tetiana Sova (Ukraine) VFA Kumi Kobayashi (Japan), 6-0 1:19

72: Alla Belinska (Ukraine) VFO Yuka Fujikura (Japan), 0-0

76: Nodoka Yamamoto (Japan) VPO1 Anastasiia Osniach (Ukraine), 2-2

USA 6, All-World Group 4

50: Erin Golston (United States) VPO Anna Lukasiak (All World Group), 6-0

53: Maria Prevolaraki (All World Group) VPO1 Felicity Taylor (United States), 4-1

55: Jenna Burkert (United States) VPO Karla Godinez (All World Group), 4-0

57: Alexandra Hedrick (United States) VFA Zhala Aliyeva (All World Group), 0-0 0:00

59; Anastasia Nichita (All World Group) VSU1 Lexie Basham (United States), 12-2 2:37

62: Kayla Miracle (United States) VPO1 Aisuluu Tynybekova (All World Group), 9-3

65: Mallory Velte (United States) VSU Mimi Hristova (All World Group), 12-0 5:31

68: Irina Ringaci (All World Group) VPO1 Solin Piearcy (United States), 4-2

72: Zhamila Bakbergenova (All World Group) VPO Skylar Grote (United States), 6-0

76: Yelena Makoyed (United States) VFA Yasemin Adar (All World Group), 7-4 3:34

Dwell Weblog

Males: USA vs Mongolia

57kg: Zane Richards (USA) vs #8 Zanabazar Zandanbud (MGL)

1st interval: Richards snags a single leg on his first dedicated shot and he climbs up and finishes for 2. The 2-time All-American from Illinois leads the 2022 world bronze medalists by 2 half approach by means of the interval. Zandanbud defends an arm drag, Richards defends an assault. Zane will get Zandanbud in a entrance headlong, truly has a leg as nicely and rolls by means of for 4 extra factors on the publicity. Sort of a cradle/mixer. Interval ends, Richards up 6-0.

2nd interval: Motion continues, good flurry to start out issues. Richards drops down on a single leg, converts once more and he is inside 2 factors from teching a world bronze. Down block go behind and Richards seals the deal. 10-0 tech fall! Nice stuff from the Illini alum to kick off the 2022 World Cup. 

USA 1, MGL 0

61kg: Seth Gross (USA) receives a forfeit

Group Mongolia are down two weight courses, sadly. Journey issues from what I perceive. 92kg is the opposite weight they may forfeit. 

 USA 2, MGL 0

65kg: #4 Yianni DIakomihalis (USA) vs #15 Tulga Tumurochir (MGL)

1st interval: Two world medalists on the mat proper now. Yianni gained silver in 2022, Tumurochir was a bronze medalist in 2021. Tulga losing no time, goes arm spin, comes round for the takedown, then guts Yianni over for 2 extra. It is 4-0 Mongolia after 35 seconds. Yianni solutions with a single leg that he finishes to chop the lead in half. Tulga virtually hada step out but it surely’s white paddled (waved off) by the officers. Nonetheless 4-2 MGL on the break.

2nd interval: Yianni in on one other shot, livid protection from Tulga, he does nicely to carry Yianni to a one-point step out. Stage change and underneath hook whip-over try from Tulga. They are saying they hit the mat earlier than the publicity, which barely broke the 90 diploma threshold, so two extra for Tulga and it is 6-3 Mongolia. 90 seconds left within the match. Tulga taking floor. He drives Yianni out twice but it surely’s dominated ‘grounded motion’ so no step out level. Lower than a minute stays. Arm spin by Tulga and that is a four-point dagger to make it 10-3, now quick time left on the clock. And that is how the match ends. Robust one for Yianni towards a decided foe. 

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USA 2, MGL 1

70kg: Tyler Berger (USA) vs Munkhtulga Zuunbayan (MGL)

1st interval: Berger on the assault proper off the whistle. Shuck to a takedown, then a lure arm intestine as they exit of bounds and Berger has a 4-0 lead. Down on a single leg a bit later and Berger converts to make it 6-0. Berger on one other low shot however Mongolia defends and will get a stalemate. No stopping Berger on the subsequent assault. A double with palms behind the knees. Tyler transitions to a leg and will get the 10-0 tech-fall! Flawless victory for the Nebraska All-American, now coaching on the Pennsylvania-RTC.

USA 3, MGL 1

74kg: Vincenzo Joseph (USA) vs Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (MGL)

1st interval: Our second Zandanbud of the occasion takes on the Penn State two-time NCAA champ, Vincenzo Joseph. Locking up with higher physique ties early. Cenzo goes for it, comes shut with over-under ties however Zandanbud flattens out and catches Cenzo on his again mid-throw. Joseph simply bellies out and trails 2-0. Cenzo with overties, searching for a visit. Zandanbud backing out of hazard. We go to the break, nonetheless 2-0. 

2nd interval: They lock into higher physique ties, an amazing quantity of pressure being utilized by each wrestlers. Two minutes stay within the match. Cenzo inexplicably will get placed on the clock whereas trailing and attempting to pressure higher physique motion, however nonetheless there’s the passivity name and Cenzo has 30 seconds to attain or he’ll concede a degree. Vincenzo will get pushed out of bounds whereas searching for a throw and offers up the exercise clock level. So it is 4-0. One other takedown Zandanbud and it is 6-0. Joseph going all-or-nothing on higher physique throws and Zandanbud will get yet one more takedown on the boundary to ice it. 8-0 is the ultimate.

USA 3, MGL 2

79kg: #1 Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs Temuujin Mendbileg (MGL)

1st interval: JB is introduced to thunderous applause right here within the Xtreme Enviornment. And Burroughs determined he was going to placed on a present. He counters a Mongolia shot and exposes and will get a takedown and a flip for a 4-0 lead. One other shot by Mongolia andBurroughs flips MGL with a whizzer for 2, then slaps in a cradle to take Mendbileg over for 2 extra. A restart and Burroughs strikes with a low ankle decide to make it official. 10-0 destruction by the GOAT. 

The Mongolia coach was so impressed he acquired a selfie with Burroughs after the match. 

USA 4, MGL 2

86kg: #7 Zahid Valencia (USA) vs Bat Bayasgalan (MGL)

1st interval: Excessive-volume shooter Zahid goes after Mongolia proper off the whistle, picks a knee, will get a takedown then goes ham on intestine wrenches, turning Mongolia 4 instances to get the 10-0 tech-fall in 30 seconds. The gang loves it. They’re going wild for the tech-maul from the two-time Arizona State NCAA champion. 

USA 5, MGL 2

92kg: #9 Nate Jackson (USA) receives a forfeit

Touring from Mongolia to America isn’t the simplest factor to do. Group USA clinches the victory. 

USA 6, MGL 2

97kg: #2 Kyle Snyder (USA) vs Batzul Ulziisaikhan (MGL)

Ulziisaikhan forfeit? Do not know why that occurred, Batzul was on the mat. Anyway.

USA 7, MGL 2

125kg: #7 Hayden Zillmer (USA) vs #3 Lkhagvagerel Munkhtar (MGL)

1st interval: This match, nevertheless, will likely be wrestled. Mongolia has their two-time world medalist with them so Zillmer could have a really powerful opponent. No scores after a minute. Munkhtar taking floor. Zillmer will get placed on the exercise clock first. No scores from Zillmer so it is 1-0 for Mongolia, and that is how the interval ends. 

2nd interval: Second interval begins with collar ties, Zillmer will get placed on the clock once more, however now Zillmer in on a shot and he’ll get a step out to erase the clock and take the 1-1 lead on standards. Nonetheless a number of match left. Munkhtar getting aggressive, he will get a step out to regain the lead. And one other step out and its 3-1 Mongolia leads. Quick time. Zillmer in deep. Popping out the again down. Munktar kicks out of hazard and Zillmer cannot convert earlier than time expires. So shut, however the win eludes Zillmer. 


USA will get three forfeits however wins the contested bouts 4-3. A blended bag of outcomes however a win is a win. The American males could have an extended break after which an excellent more durable opponent in Group Georgia at 7pm.

Over on mat B, a twin with none forfeits and no early stoppages, Mongolia and Japan’s ladies’s groups are locked in an thrilling battle. Japan leads 4-2 on wins by means of six bouts. And Mongolia wrestles their hearts out and defeats Japan 5-5 on classification factors. Meaning if Mongolia beats Ukraine later as we speak they may wrestle for Gold and Japan will at greatest wrestle for bronze, ending their world cup profitable streak at 5. 

Ladies: USA vs China

50kg: Emily Shilson (USA) vs Jiang Zhu (CHN)

1st interval: Shilson offers up the primary takedown off a down block go behind and Zhu goes up 2-0. Three reduce wrenches later and it is 8-0 similar to that. Shilson is unable to cease the subsequent shot by Zhu and it is a first interval 10-0 tech-fall for Zhu. Tough begin for Group USA however there’s a number of wrestling left on this twin. 9 matches to be precise. 

CHN 1, USA 0

53kg: Amy Fearnside (USA) vs Li Deng (CHN)

1st interval: Cautious begin to the interval. Deng will get placed on the exercise clock however fires off a well-timed double leg to covert for a 2-0 and wipes the exercise clock off the board. One other double leg and Deng powers Fearnside to her again for 4 massive factors. Fearnside cannot cease Deng’s double and one other toes to again ends the match within the first interval with one other 10-0 tech-fall for China. 

CHN 2, USA 0

55kg: Jenna Burkert (USA) vs Qianyu Pang (CHN)

1st interval: World bronze medalists Jenna Burkert will try to reverse the momentum of the twin. One other cautious begin. Proper in regards to the half approach mark of the primary Burkert takes a shot, however Pang defends and will get a go behind to take a 2-0 lead, then a intestine wrench to make it 4-0. One minute left within the first. A great flurry with Jenna searching for a go behind of her personal briefly time however the interval expires earlier than any extra factors go on the board. Nonetheless 4-0 China.

2nd interval: One other cautious begin, no scores or flurries after 90 seconds. Jenna picks up her charge of assault late within the match but it surely’s not sufficient, she’ll fall to Pang, 4-0. 

CHN 3, USA 0

57kg: Amanda Martinez (USA) vs Yongxin Feng (CHN)

1st interval: Large double leg takedown for 2 early within the interval for Fend. She provides two extra on a intestine wrench. Entice arm locked up and Fend rolls Martinez by means of three extra instances to make it one other 10-0 tech-fall within the first interval. China not messing round. 

CHN 4, USA 0

59kg: Michaela Beck (USA) vs Qi Zhang (CHN)

1st interval: Clean hi-c for Zhang who converts for a takedown. China continues to dominate par-terre and Beck is taken over twice for 4 factors. Zhang leads 6-0 and we exit of bounds for a restart one minute into the bout. One other takedown and its 8-0, plus a penalty level on Beck for unlawful toe maintain (I feel). Restart in par terre and Beck will get turned for an 11-0 tech-fall. USA might want to win the final 5 bouts by both pin or tech to win the twin.

CHN 5, USA 0

62kg: Kayla Miracle (USA) vs Xianjuan Luo (CHN)

1st interval: Two-time world medalist Kayla Miracle will try to maintain USA’s slim however nonetheless current hopes alive. Shot by Luo takes Miracle to the boundary. They name it two and so Luo leads 2-0. A gradual interval in any other case and it ends, similar rating. 

2nd interval: Sweep single by Miracle, far ankle protection from Luo however Miracle powers by means of and collects the two factors and good points the lead on standards. The gang lastly has one thing to cheer about and so they relish the chance. One other scramble, they’re on the mat, Miracle goes for a crotch raise however Luo counters and it is 4-0, plus a excessive leg lace to make it 6-0 with underneath 10 seconds left within the match. Miracle will get a takedown on the buzzer however she wanted toes to again and can fall simply in need of a victory. China wins 6-4. China additionally has the twin locked up. 

CHN 6, USA 0

65kg: Mallory Velte (USA) Jia Lengthy (CHN)

1st interval: One other two-time world medalist takes the mat for Group USA. Good flurry to star the interval however no scores. No Velte will get a greater grip on Lengthy’s legs and he or she’ll get the takedown and the primary, first interval lead of the day for the American ladies. Wrestling continues at a excessive tempo. Lengthy tries an inside journey however Velte counters and secures one other takedown to make it 4-0. Single leg for Lengthy and he or she fights by means of a whizzer from Velta to attain her first factors of the bout. Velte nonetheless leads 4-2, now briefly time within the first. We go to the second, nonetheless 4-2 USA. 

2nd interval: Essentially the most thrilling bout of the twin continues. Velte shoots in on a double and drives Lengthy to the mat for a giant four-point maneuver, that places lengthy in a deep 8-2 gap within the second. Lengthy solutions although with two takedowns of her personal to drag inside two factors. One other intestine wrench after the second takedown and its 8-8 however Velte nonetheless has standards. However now not, as a second intestine makes it 10-8, China. They exit of bounds so 45 seconds left within the match, impartial restart. Velte on the comeback path, however she will get stopped on a shot and Lengthy will get a go behind to ice it 12-8. One other victory for China with simply three bouts to go. 

CHN 7, USA 0

68kg: Sienna Ramirez (USA) vs Fend Zhou (CHN)

1st interval: Zhou will get massive off the whistle and doubles Ramirez off the mat. Simply two as Ramirez is ready to stomach out in time, however she is unable to cease Zhou’s par terre offense as she will get gutted 4 instances in fast succession and China wins with a 10-0 tech. 

CHN 8, USA 0

72kg: Amit Elor (USA) vs Qiandegenchagan (CHN) 

1st interval: The reigning 72kg world champ will attempt to stave off a blanking for Group USA. Elor is off to a superb begin with step out level within the first 30 seconds. Elor is near a takedown a couple of minute later however a stout whizzer and savvy positioning retains the rating at 1-0. China tries to go higher physique however Elor counters and will get two extra to increase her result in 3-0. China retains going for a higher physique throw however Elor is prepared. Fights off one try, then instances a pleasant throw by to counter for 2 extra on the subsequent try. An arm bundle virtually will get a flip however Elor settles for a 5-0 lead on the break. 

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2nd interval: The higher physique locks proceed within the second. Each wrestlers coming near whipping the opposite over but it surely’s nonetheless 5-0 with a minute to go. China goes for an additional throw but it surely’s dominated a slip. 30 seconds left. China not slowing down or backing off. 10 seconds. And Amit Elor will get Group USA’s ladies their first win of the occasion! 

CHN 8, USA 1

76kg: Dymond Guilford (USA) vs Juan Wang (CHN)

1st interval: A tactical begin to the bout and China goes on the clock after 90 seconds of zero scoring. No a lot in the best way of assaults from Wang and Guilford picks up the primary level of the match. Then briefly time a thunderous double leg to Wang’s again for 4 factors. Plus a lace earlier than time expires. 7-0 lead for Guilford and the gang showers her with applause. 

2nd interval: Wang responds with a double leg early within the second for her first factors of the bout. Guilford’s lead narrows to 7-2. 9- seconds left within the match. 30 seconds to go. And Guilford defends for the remainder of the interval to take the 7-2 win and provides the American followers another excuse to face up and cheer, which they benefit from with alacrity. Nice win for Guilford despite the fact that Group USA falls to China within the twin. 

CHN 8, USA 2

We’ll have an prolonged break earlier than the American take the mat once more. The boys at 7 and the ladies at 8:30 easter time. 

Iran will probably shut out Japan right here however proper now it is 5-1 of their favor on Mat A within the males’s competitors. 

Large worldwide wrestling occasions are daunting endevours. It is nigh inconceivable for every little thing to go completely, and very often its a giant mess (the forfeits are however one instance), nevertheless, I feel it is worthwhile to take a step again each as soon as and awhile and recognize simply how particular it’s to have one thing like this happen in America. 

Good. Okay, again to wrestling!

Within the second spherical, during which every pool could have 1 twin, so 4 matches in whole (one for every pool within the males’s and ladies’s kinds), the Ukrainian lady dropped their first two bouts towards Mongolia earlier than storming again, finally profitable 7-3 and organising a giant match subsequent spherical with Japan to win the pool. 

On the lads’s aspect, Georgia even be the Mongolians by the rating of 7-3. That units up Group USA and the Georgians for a battle for the pool title later tonight. 

Within the different swimming pools, the All-World Group dominated the Japanese males, profitable 9-1. That eliminates Japan from the medal matches, and their workforce will get to hang around and watch tomorrow. The All-World Group has a match with Iran later tonight that may determine the winner and runnerup for that pool. 

On the ladies’s aspect, China outlasted the All-World Group in a slugfest, profitable 5-5 on critera (one pin and one harm default for China to only one pin for the All-World Group). That clinches the gold medal match for China and means Group USA has to beat the All-World Group to wrestle for bronze, in any other case their event is over. 

Males: USA vs Georgia

57kg: 57kg: Nick Suriano (USA) vs Beka Bujiashvili (GEO)

1st interval: Males’s matches are being delayed proper now. No concept what the deal is however Detective Jon Kozak is on the case and I’ll report again after I hear extra. And I’ve nothing to report however higher late than by no means! Anyway, on to the wrestling! It is a rematch of a 2021 bout from the Henri Deglane in France that Suriano gained. Nick is off to a superb begin, with a giant double. He then transitions right into a lace and will get two extra to go up 4-0. Lengthy pause to scrub up some blood and we’re again in enterprise with lower than a minute to go within the interval. Mentioned interval ends with no additional scores, Suriano leads 4-0 nonetheless. 

2nd interval: Suriano holding heart, holding Bujiashvili from getting in deep. Nick is then given a warning and one for palms to the face, or a heavy membership, unsure. Possibly a head butt? Both approach, the rating is 4-1 and the followers do not prefer it, a number of boos. Suriano solutions with one other takedown to make it 6-1. Now Bujiashvilion the assault, grabs a single, then finally climbs up for 2. 6-3 Suriano however quick time on the clock. Time expires and Suriano will get the dub! 6-3 is the ultimate and Group USA has the primary win of the twin. 

USA 1, GEO 0

61kg: #7 Seth Gross (USA) vs Teimuraz Vanishvili (GEO)

1st interval: Two-on one ties from Gross, he craftily drops all the way down to seize a single, then finishes by means of a cut-back protection from Vanishvili. Two extra on a flip, though Georia challenges saying they initiated the assault. It was a a kind of scrambles in par terre that Gross usually finds himself in. Robust name, Georgia reached again and it may have been his motion on the roll by means of however the overview choose disagrees and it is “Problem misplaced!” so Gross leads 5-0. Gross again to the two-on-one, attempting to kick out a leg, then throws the arm down and covers for 2. He is acquired a lure arm, rolls Vanishvili via for a 9-0 lead, then once more to make it 11-0 and he is acquired the tech-fall secured! The gang is on their toes as America wins the primary two bouts!

USA 2, GEO 0

65kg: #4 Yianni Diakomihalis (USA) vs Beka Lomtadze (GEO)

1st interval: Yianni on a mission, goes for a low double, flips out the again door for 2, then scrambles for a bit and guts Lomtadze out of bounds for 2 extra. Goes proper again on the assault on the restart and will get two extra. Lomtadze dinged for fleeing and so they return to par terre. With the rating 7-0 Yianni locks up a lace, goes half-standing with it and turns Lomtadze twice to to win 11-0 and the gang stands once more to applaud back-to-back dominance. 

USA 3, GEO 0

70kg: Alec Pantaleo (USA) vs Giorgi Elbakidze (GEO)

1st interval: Single leg for Pantaleo and a giant journey to return Elbakidze to the mat an acquire the primary two factors of the bout. Issues decelerate a bit after that as they lock horns in collar ties for the subsequent 90 seconds or so. We go to the break, nonetheless 2-0. 

2nd interval: One other single leg for Pantaleo and he is robust sufficient to muscle Elbakidze’s leg off the mat and wrangles him to the mat for a 4-0 lead. Elbakidze on the assault however Pantaleo has his photographs has the timing down and he down blocks and goes behind for a 6-0 lead. 90 seconds left within the bout. Now a shot by Pantaleo, sweep double and he finishes cleanly for 2 extra and an 8-0 lead. Lower than a minute now, Alec firmly in charge of this match. That’ll do it and it is a shut out win for Pantaleo, 8-0! 


74kg: Jason Nolf (USA) vs Giorgi Sulava (GEO)

1st interval: Nolf begins the match very bodily. Hits a nifty cross-body duck to attain the primary factors. Again to their toes, Nolf hits an ankle decide, Sulava tries to counter with a slide by, however Nolf wrestles by means of the place and scores one other takedown, then traps an arm and tilts Sulava over for 2 extra. Got here near having the ability to lock up a pin earlier than he ran out of actual property. One other low shot for Nolf after a impartial restart and it is 8-0 with only a few seconds left within the interval. We go to the break, commanding 8-0 lead for Nolf. 

2nd interval: Nolf again on the assault, transitions from a entrance head lock briefly offense to a double and drives Sulava out of bounds for pull inside one level of a tech. One other scramble however its stalemated with the rating 9-0 with 1:54 left on the clock. Georgia challenges, perhaps pondering he had an publicity on the scramble? Dangerous transfer as a result of in the event that they lose the problem the bout is over. And that is what occurs so 10-0 tech-fall from Nolf due to the misplaced problem by Georiga. Group USA has outscored Group Georgia 43-3 via 5 bouts!

79kg: #1 Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs #11 Vladimeri Gamkrelidze (GEO)

1st interval: Reigning 79kg gold medalist Jordan Ernest Burroughs with a possibility to clinch the twin for Group USA. Gamkrelidze is one in all Georgia’s greatest wrestlers who simply gained a U23 world gold, so this will likely be no cake-walk for JB. Jordan taking floor from Gamkrelidze however Gamkrelidze pivots in time to attain a step out on Burroughs. One other related sequence however motion is grounded so nonetheless 2-0, now briefly time. Interval ends 1-0 Georgia. 

2nd interval: Gamkrelidze not backing down from Burroughs. He counters a stable shot from Burroughs to take the legend down and seize a 3-0 lead. Burroughs again on his offense, he drives Gamkrelidze off the mat, practically will get a takedown however the one level is confirmed. On a single leg, Burroughs drives Gamkrelidze off the mat once more to make it 3-2. Anther shot from Burroughs, officers refusing to name fleeing on any of those sequences. 3-3 however Gamkrelidze has standards. Lower than a minute to go. Burrough relentless, he getsin on one other shot, Gamkrelidze falls out of bounds and this time two known as and confirmed. Jordan takes the 5-3 lead and the gang is on their toes for the ultimate 20 seconds. Chants of “USA!” serenade Burroughs will get one more worldwide win, 5-3 is the ultimate. Gamkrelidze was proper there for half the match however he could not deal with Jordan’s tempo. Not many individuals can! 

Additionally USA wins the twin! 

USA 6, GEO 0

86kg: Zahid Valencia (USA) vs Sandro Aminashvili (GEO)

1st interval: Zahid is Mr Non-Cease Motion, attacking proper off the whistle. Drives Amanishvili off the mat for a 1-0 lead. Cross ankle decide within the subsequent alternate offers Valencia a 3-0 lead. Intestine wrench makes it 5-0. Stage change double for 2 extra, then two turns and that is all she wrote! 11-0 utter destruction, the third 11-0 tech-fall on this twin for Group USA. 

USA 7, GEO 0 

92kg: Nate Jackson (USA) vs Miriani Maisuradze (GEO)

1st interval: Jackson losing no time. He shoots proper on the whistle and cram doubles Maisuradze to his again for 4! Jackson stays on Maisuradze, taking pictures in a few instances however he cannot convert. That’s till a minute or so later when Jackson hits one other double that he finishes for a 6-0 lead. No extra scores the remainder of the interval and we hit the break, Nate main 6-0 nonetheless.

2nd interval: Maisuradze in on Jackson’s legs after a reattack and he finally scores two. Then will get a flip to drag inside two factors. Jackson will maintain standards if Maisuradze get’s one other takedown. However that calculation is mooted with Jackson scores one other takedown to make it 8-4 with only a minute to go. Jackson not slowing down. Maisuradze having bother holding tempo and Jackson will get one other takedown briefly time. That’ll do it as Nate Jackson wins 10-4 and Group USA retains their streak going. 

USA 8, GEO 0

97kg: #2 Kyle Snyder (USA) vs #7 Givi Matcharashvili (GEO)

1st interval: Snyder assaults proper off the whistle, grabs a single, knee slides beneath and will get a giant left and return for 2 factors. One other takedown two minutes into the bout and Snyder leads 4-0. That is the rating on the break 

2nd interval: Snyder shoots and reshoots and reshoots after which Givi hits a particularly ugly desperation lat drop and it is dominated a slip. So nonetheless 4-0 however no matter. Givi is then placed on the exercise clock, which expires and offers Snyder a 5-0 lead. Kyle continues to be the one one attacking. Givi goes out of bounds but it surely’s dominated grounded motion. Not a lot left on the clock as Snyder will get a last step out to make it a 6-0 last rating. Snyder victorious!

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USA 9, GEO 0

125kg: Hayden Zillmer (USA) vs Solomon Manashvili (GEO)

1st interval: A gradual begin however issues decide up about 30 seconds into the bout. A wild flurry with reattacks from each wrestlers ends with a step out for Manashvili. Subsequent sequence is a shot from Manashvili. He is beneath a spawl from Zillmer however the Georgian muscle tissues Hayden into the air and takes him to his again for a giant four-point transfer and a 5-0 lead. That is the rating on the break. 

2nd interval: Sweep single for Zillmer 30 seconds into the second interval and Hayden will get n the board. It is 5-2 when Zillmer grabs maintain of an ankle, choosing it up and changing for 2 extra to make it 5-4. Manashvili could have standards with a step out so Zillmer wants a takedown as we have now about 90 seconds left within the match. Down block go behind and Zillmer takes the lead 6-5. Now Manashvili wants to attain and he is hitting the wall, fuel tanks clearly favoring Zillmer. One other go behind extends Zillmer’s result in 8-5. An extended scramble and Zillmer offers up a step out however he chewed up some priceless time. Truly Zillmer will get referred to as for fleeing so it is 8-6 and so they go in par terre. Manashvili cannot flip Zillmer so as much as impartial with 18 on the clock. Manashvili is a spent pressure and extra USA chants as Zillmer completes the come-from-behind victory. 8-6 is the ultimate and it is a 10-0 clear sweep by Group USA! USA will wrestle for gold tomorrow night!

USA 10, GEO 0

On the opposite mat, Ukraine shockingly ends Japan’s event with a critieria win. Japan did not carry any of their quantity ones (or quantity twos) as a result of a battle with their home world workforce trials course of but it surely’s nonetheless a shock to see them go 0-2 on the day. 

Ladies: USA vs All-World Group

50kg: Erin Golston (USA) vs Anna Lukasiak (AWT/POL)

1st interval: A sweep single offers Golston an early two level lead. Good protection from Golston and one profitable scramble later and it is 4-0 as we head into the break. 

2nd interval: Lukasiak picks up her tempo however Golston defends and, importantly, runs down the clock. Only one minute stays. Golston forces a step out and the AWT challenges. They lose and its 6-0 with lower than 30 to wrestle. Golston defends and he or she’ll get the shut out win!

USA 1, AWT 0

53kg: Felicity Taylor (USA) vs Maria Prevolaraki (AWT/GRE)

1st interval: Iowa lastly will get to observe one in all their very own as native Iowan and member of the Hawkeye ladies’s wrestling workforce Felicity Taylor takes on a senior world medalist from Greece. A cautious begin to the interval. Good protection from Taylor and he or she holds heart sufficient to get Prevolaraki on the exercise clock. Taylor collects the exercise clock level however Prevolaraki responds with a low degree shot that she converts briefly time to take the 2-1 lead. That is the rating on the break. 

2nd interval: About 30 seconds in Taylor locks up a entrance headlock and brings Prevolaraki to the mat however the sequence is stalemated. We cease for blood from Prevolaraki. Prevolaraki capable of get to Taylor’s legs. She stalemates after one stable assault however converts the subsequent to take a 4-1 lead. One minute to go. Taylor offers all she’s acquired however Prevolaraki is not ceding something and he or she’ll take win 4-1. USA drops their first match of the twin.

USA 1, AWT 1

55kg: Jenna Burkert (USA) vs Karla Godinez (AWT/CAN)

1st interval: Considered one of Group USA’s world medalists takes the mat towards Canada’s world medalist Godinez. A really tactical first interval the place the one factors are from the exercise clock and Burkert take a 1-0 lead into the break. 

2nd interval: Nonetheless not a lot in the best way of assaults however Burkert does sufficient to place Godinez on the clock for the second time. And simply earlier than the 30 seconds are up, Burkert hits an ankle decide that she converts for 2 extra, plus she will get the shot clock level (that clock is simply erased if the wrestler on the clock scores). 4-0 Burkert with lower than a minute to go. Burkert defends to shut it out, profitable 4-0!

USA 2, AWT 1

57kg: Alex Hedrick (USA) receives a forfeit

The Azeribaijan wrestler acquired damage final match so USA will get an important win (which additionally counts as a pin for tiebreaking standards). 

USA 3, AWT 1

59kg: Lexie Basham (USA) vs Anastasia Nichita (AWT/MDA)

1st interval: Basham takes on the 2022 world champ from Moldova. Nichita strikes first, getting the primary takedown proper across the one minute mark. Nichita than reaches again and lat whips Basham over for 4. She intestine wrenches Basham for 2 extra however Basham steps over to make it 8-2. Yet another flip for Nichita earlier than they return as much as impartial and its 10-2 after that wild scramble. One go behind later and Nichita secures the tech-fall, 12-2.

USA 3, AWT 2

62kg: Kayla Mircale (USA) vs Aisuluu Tynybekova (KGZ)

1st interval: Tynybekova is a world champ who beat Miracle, a two-time world medalist in her personal proper, within the finals of the 2021 World Championships in Oslo, Norway. Tynybekova strikes first, gathering up a single leg and taking Miracle to her again, simply two factors although as they have been already grounded when the motion occured. Miracle again on the offensive, however Tynybekova reaches again and whips Miracle over simply earlier than they exit of bounds. Or does she?!?! Problem from the USA nook. And it is a good one! Miracle adjusted within the air and uncovered Tynybekova first as they went to the mat and Miracle collects 4 factors. An 8 level problem! The interval ends 4-2 with Miracle within the lead. 

2nd interval: This could possibly be a pivotal interval for Group USA. Tynybekova adjustments ranges, grabs a leg, however Miracle defends and chews up some clock. Tynybekova in on one other shot however Mircale crotch lifts for an publicity. Tynybekova comes all the best way via and lands on prime for the reversal however tis now 6-3. Tynebekova, stlll on prime in par terre, locks up a lace, however some heroic protection by Miracle stops the flip and so they come again as much as toes, nonetheless 6-3. Tynybekova in on one other assault however she steps out of bounds attempting to regulate her grip. Tynybekova needs a problem. Coach tried to speak her out of it however he relents. Problem misplaced and Tynybekova now trails 8-3. One other step out (this one they in all probability ought to have challenged in the event that they did not already dissipate their challenges final time) and Kayla leads 9-3 with underneath 20 to wrestle. Miracle could have her revenge and it could not have come at a extra essential time. HUGE victory for Kayla Miracle!

USA 4, AWT 2

65kg: Mallory Velta (USA) vs Mimi Hristova (AWT/BUL)

1st interval: Velta, like Miracle, can be a two-time world medalist. Hristova took fifth on the 2022 Worlds in Belgrade, dropping to Velte within the bronze-medal bout, 11-2. Velte strikes first on this bout, incomes a step out level. She then runs Hristova down for a go behind and a 3-0 lead. Make that 5-0 after a leg lace on the boundary. That is the rating on the break.

2nd interval: Velte’s downblocks are stuffing Hristova. Mallory chases her down for an additional takedown to make it 7-0 and we have got half a interval of clock left within the match. A step out makes it 8-0. Higher physique lock, and a spins cycle toss for Velte as she’ll get the autumn with 38 seconds to go! USA now in nice form to win this twin as they’ve 5 matches gained plus a pin and a forfeit. 

USA 5, AWT 2

68kg: Solin Piearcy (USA) vs Irina Ringaci (AWT/MDA)

1st interval: One other Moldovan world champ on the mat taking over a younger American. Piercy isn’t intimidated by the accolades, as she scores the primary takedown off an ankle decide. Ringaci is lethal together with her attain again tricep throws and that is what she hits to place Piercy on her again. It is simply the 2 for the publicity although, as Piercy fights off her again and so they come again as much as impartial with the rating 2-2, Ringaci main on standards. No extra scores because the interval ends, nonetheless 2-2. 

2nd interval: A pair good flurries within the first two minutes however no scores but. Piercy battling valiantly. Ringaci then chains a pair strikes collectively and will get Piercy in a fireman’s, though they have been grounded so it is simply two extra. 4-2, although Piercy very a lot on this bout. Piercy in on a shot however Ringaci sprawls and it is stalemated with simply 10 seconds to go. Desperation shot by Piercy comes shut however Ringaci holds on for the win, 4-2. Simply avoiding the pin although places USA a lot nearer to a win and a shot at a bronze medal. 

USA 5, AWT 3

72kg: Skylar Grote (USA) vs Zhamila Bakbergenova (AWT/KAZ)

1st interval: Group USA electing to not wrestle the reigning world champ Amit Elor, however Grote isn’t any slouch. Grote taking floor initially, engaged on a go behind however Bakbergenova counters and scores a takedown on the boundary to take the early 2-0 lead. Stable motion however not many exchanges ensue and the interval ends, nonetheless 2-0 in favor of the Kazakhstani wrestler. 

2nd interval: One other entrance headlock early within the interval for Grote however motion is stalemated. Extra spin drills from Grote however she will’t handle to throw Bakbrgenova by and he or she’s caught in impartial. Now Grote tries going beneath however a sprawl by Bakberkanova stops her momentum and finally leads to a takedown to increase the result in 4-0. Grote attempting to get one thing going however Bekbergenova’s protection is prepared for her and he or she will get one other go behind to make it 6-0 with underneath 20 to wrestle. And that is the way it ends, Bakbergenova wins 6-0. BUT, by not getting pinned, Grote basically seals victory for Group USA within the twin and you’ll rely on seeing the American ladies within the bronze medal match tomorrow. 

USA 5, AWT 4

76kg: Yelena Makoyed (USA) vs Yasmine Adar (AWT/TUR)

1st interval: Two-time world champ Adar scores first an arm spin that took a couple of minute to lastly end for the takedown. Makoyed responded with an assault that earned her a step out to make it 2-1. Adar answered with a go behind to make it 4-1. Makoyed fearlessly shoots beneath and converts for a takedown to amek it 4-3, then will get a flip to make it 5-4, now USA with the lead. That is hw the interval ends. 

2nd interval: Makoyed again on the assault. She hits a double and converts for 2 and retains climbing up, splitting Adar’s legs and placing her in peril. Makoyed near a fall. And there it’s! Makoyed with the pin! Adar’s nook challenges however you possibly can’t problem a pinfall. Have to be searching for fouls, like a singlet or hair pull. They do not discover one and the autumn, or touche, is confirmed! USA wins the twin outright!

USA 6, AWT 4