Cciv Stock Merger With Lucid

February 2, 2022

Less than a month later, despite there being no official confirmation, there has been enough speculation, hype and hope that it has shot up to $31.67 as of the end. Ever since lucid motors was linked as a possible merger partner with cciv, it has set the stock market on fire.

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This video is about the ongoing rumors surrounding a potential merger with lucid motors and churchill capital iv (cciv stock).

Cciv stock merger with lucid. Now as a combined publicly traded company, investors are intrigued in what the stock. Over the past year, lucid motors have established their brand as a true player in the luxury ev space, after completing a reverse merger with cciv. Lucid motors said in a press release that it will, indeed, go public through a merger with churchill capital.

In the past 24 hours, lucid mo. These announcements have done little to buoy cciv stock in advance of the merger vote, with cciv stock losing 12% of its value last week alone. Cciv stock is worth significantly more based on an adjusted comp valuation.more from investorplace why everyone is investing in 5g all.

Shares of churchill capital were down around 25% at 10:45 a. That's a very high valuation. The hottest story in the stock market world in recent weeks has been whether or not spac cciv (churchill capital corp iv) will merge with ev company lucid motors.the speculative hype has driven the stock price higher and higher, as investors anxiously await confirmation if a deal will be reached between the two entities.

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3.24 (+3.18%) deadline in 4 days: Received a request on december 3 from the sec, for documents pertaining to its merger with cciv. According to a report by reuters, lucid group inc.

Lucid group, the company formed after lucid motors ' july 23 merger with churchill capital corp iv (cciv), has become a publicly listed company. What this really means is that the current price of cciv is giving lucid a market cap of about $42 billion. The cciv spac merger with lucid motors looks undervalued.

Cciv stock is getting a boost as investors salivate at the potential valuation of a special purpose acquisition company (spac) merger with electric vehicle (ev) maker lucid motors. Since my last article on lucid motors and the spac merger, cciv has dropped roughly $7 or about 23%.this is the main reason why i believe that the stock is worth $27.45, almost a third more than. As recently as january 11th, cciv stock was trading at $10.05 a share.

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Despite the anticipation that followed the cciv and lucid merger, when the actual financials were released, investors had a serious case of cold feet. It's around 17% meaning that if you owned 5% of the spac that you would only own about.85% of lucid. The cciv spac merger with lucid motors is expected to close sometime in the second quarter of 2021 and generate about $4.4 billion in cash to fuel lucid’s expansion.

The company could end up pulling in a much larger valuation than previously expected when it completes its spac merger. In february, in anticipation of its merger with lucid motors but before the deal was announced, cciv traded at a peak price of $64.86—a massive premium of 550 percent to. The merger gained serious investor momentum, with the cciv ticker reaching heights of $64.86 during the 2020 spac boom.

Jul 27, 2021 at 8:53am et. That said, this week could be a big one for investors. I feel like you're asking what percentage of lucid will the spac own.

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