Ff14 Data Center Locations

June 4, 2022

Ff14 Data Center Locations. Good mix of casual and hardcore players. We found some old posts on reddit saying that eu is in germany and na is in cali or montreal, but no definitive answer.

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As such, players typically choose the physical dc located closest to their. The goal of this site is to create a resource that helps ffxiv role players find new potential rp connections. Each region is further divided into data centers.

What We Can Tell You Is That The Servers Will Remain On North American Soil, In An Area That.

From the character selection screen, choose a character and select visit another data center from the subcommand menu. New data center / new worlds new physical data center. What data center to pick;

The Closer Your Place Of Residence Is To The Physical Dc, The Less Likely You Are To Experience Network Lag;

Physical data centers (physical dc) the physical dcs (represented in blue on the diagram) are located in four regions: And then there are multitudes of personal preferences (language, typical time window for your playtime etc.) All the na data centres are based in california.

We Are Pleased To Announce The Opening Of Our New Data Center In Oceania Will Be Taking Place On Tuesday, January 25, 2022 Around 2:00 A.m.

So chances are the reason there isn't an na datacenter anywhere east of the rockies is because the company se works with doesn't. I probably will wait to see what you can do with dc hopping. On the final confirmation screen, select proceed to return to the title screen and begin the data center traveling process.

While We Are Aware That Many Of You Are Curious As To The Actual Physical Location Of The New Data Center, Please Understand That For Security Reasons Specific To The Operation Of An Online Game, We Are Unable To Divulge That Information To The Public.

As of march 2022, there are three north american data centers, three japanese data centers, two european data centers, and an oceania data center. I hope it serves you well! If you have a link to a character profile page, rp location page or recurring rp event that you'd like to add.

Anyone Can Create Characters On Any Of The 4 Regions.

The closer your place of residence is to the physical dc, the less likely you are to experience network lag; We've been looking all over to try and find out where the data centers are located. Hopefully there will be more detailed instructions as we get closer to the oceanic datacenter opening.

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