GameTimeCT’s 2022 CIAC Football Playoff Situations

November 19, 2022

It’s that time of year once again. Yes, Thanksgiving, however more vital for us secondary school football fanatics, it’s time to begin grinding CIAC playoff numbers to see that remains in, that’s out as well as that’s wishing an area in the state playoffs.

As Well As, have not you listened to, we’re back to 6 playoff departments this year. However this moment we’re bringing 8 groups in per course for an unmatched 48 groups that will certainly be qualified to play previous Thanksgiving week (at the expenditure of irritating a couple of even more hockey as well as basketball trainers).

The playoff development– which we have actually panned advertisement nauseum all period– likewise suggests a growing number of groups are certifying prior to Thanksgiving. Since Saturday early morning, with 2 video games to play, there were 37 groups that had actually unofficially secured playoff areas according our estimations. There are currently just 11 areas up for grabs.

Listed below, we have a look at that’s still active for those playoff areas as well as what they require to arrive.

For the inexperienced: Groups obtain 100 factors for a triumph, and afterwards 10 factors for each among those challengers’ success– which are called ‘incentive factors’ right here.

There are alterations. If a group beats a group in in greater playoff course they obtain added factors. With the CIAC relocating to 6 departments, they streamlined it by organizing them right into 3 blocks, Ls, Ms as well as Ss. Groups that defeat a challenger from 2 greater courses obtain 30 added factors, one greater course is 10 added factors.

In 2014, the CIAC included a brand-new crease: an added 5 factors for each success made by every challenger on your routine– whether you defeat them or otherwise. It’s efficiently a strength-of-schedule modifier included in pacify the groups as well as organizations associated with the Connecticut Secondary School Football Organizing Partnership, that or else would certainly be taking a huge danger playing challenging crossover video games.

This strength-of-schedule modifier is why you’ll see a handful of groups with an additional loss rated more than groups with far better documents.

Totaled, your group’s complete factors are split by the variety of video games played to obtain their playoff factor standard. The very best 8 standards certify.

To establish where your group’s playoff really hopes stand, you have to determine the variety of factors your group can accumulate with a triumph as well as with a loss and afterwards contrast your prospective variety to various other groups’ factor capacities.

If any one of that made good sense to you, fantastic! (Can you examine our mathematics??) Otherwise, simply neglect it as well as at the very least pretend we understand what we’re doing.

This is the 2022 CIAC Playoff Image since Saturday early morning, Nov. 19:

  • THEY’RE IN! (8-of-8)– Greenwich (8-1), West Sanctuary (9-0), Southington (8-1), Staples (8-1), Hamden (8-1), Trumbull (7-2), Fairfield Preparation (6-3), Glastonbury (7-2).
  • RESIDENCE COOKIN’ (2-of-4)– Greenwich (8-1), West Sanctuary (9-0).


The 8 areas are established, as well as currently it’s simply seeding them.

Greenwich as well as West Sanctuary can each secure areas in the leading 2 with a win.

Southington secures a house video game with a win, or if both Hamden as well as Staples shed. It absolutely obtains an area in the leading 2 if it wins as well as Greenwich sheds; if it wins as well as West Sanctuary sheds, it’ll be close however Southington shares a side.

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If Staples success as well as Hamden sheds, Staples will certainly assert a house video game. If both win, it’ll boil down to factors, with Staples having a somewhat greater ceiling. If Staples success as well as Southington sheds, there’s an outdoors shot the Wreckers might eke in advance of Southington. If Staples sheds as well as various other groups around them win, it’s a factors grind for that residence video game.

Glastonbury can complete no more than 4th as well as requires the 4 groups in advance of it to shed to have a possibility, which’s just if it defeats Simsbury on Saturday.

Trumbull, Fairfield Preparation as well as Glastonbury can not obtain residence video games if they shed.

♦ ♦ ♦

  • THEY’RE IN! (5-8)– St. Joseph (8-1), Naugatuck (8-1), Newtown (8-1), New Canaan (8-1), Maloney (8-1).
  • RESIDENCE COOKIN’ (1-4)– St. Joseph (8-1)
  • SUCCESS & & YOU remain in– Cheshire (6-3), Darien (6-3), New Milford (6-3).
  • A LITTLE AID BELOW ??– Shelton (5-4).


As long as it looks unpleasant, this course is rather uncomplicated. If St. Joseph defeats Trumbull it’s the front runner.

Wins by Naugatuck (vs. Ansonia) as well as Newtown (vs. Masuk) secures a house ready those groups. The last one boils down to either New Canaan or Maloney, with New Canaan holding the incentive side to outpoint the Spartans.

Certainly, if either Newtown or Naugatuck shed, they can still record residence video games. As well as if both shed it would certainly be a bonus offer race in between those 2 for the last residence video game.

It’s a four-way race for the last 3 areas. Cheshire, Darien as well as New Milford are done in with success. Shelton requires to win, obtain among them to shed, ideally Brand-new Milford or Darien, considering that they share way too many incentive video games with Cheshire (as well as also gain from the Rams defeating Southington).

♦ ♦ ♦

  • THEY’RE IN! (5 of 8)– SMSA (10-0), Northwest United (9-0), Killingly (8-1), Wethersfield (8-1), Thames River (9-0)
  • RESIDENCE COOKIN’ (1 of 4)– SMSA (front runner)
  • SUCCESS & & YOU remain in– Masuk (7-2), North Sanctuary (7-2), Platt (6-3)
  • A LITTLE AID BELOW ??– Windsor (6-3).
  • HAILSTORM MARY– Guilford (6-3), Wilton (7-3), E.O. Smith (6-3).


Seriously: If Windsor sheds Saturday as well as Platt sheds on Thanksgiving, as well as Guilford as well as E.O. Smith win, it’s a factors fight for 8th.

Hell, if Masuk as well as North Sanctuary shed, also, maybe a factors fight for 6th. If Platt as well as Windsor both shed, however, Masuk clinches, as well as North Sanctuary is within 30 factors of in.

Windsor is removed Saturday with a loss. If it wins, it remains in if Platt sheds, or if Masuk or North Sanctuary shed as well as the factors drop right.

Platt remains in with a win as well as possibly out with a loss. (EVERY POINT would certainly need to go Platt’s method with a loss. However it had a respectable beginning at that on Friday.)

If Windsor success as well as Platt sheds, Windsor remains in. If they both win, it boils down to factors, as well as both have a great deal of opportunities as well as none alike. If both win as well as Masuk or North Sanctuary shed, Masuk as well as North Sanctuary might obtain dragged right into that factors race.

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If BOTH Windsor as well as Platt shed … the door is open for Guilford with a win. Its ceiling is more than Wilton’s, as well as there’s a probability it might capture North Sanctuary with a North Sanctuary loss. Wilton, whose normal period finished Nov. 10, has an affordable shot, especially if Guilford sheds, in this circumstance, though it needs to resist E.O. Smith: A win for E.O. expenses Wilton 15 prospective factors as well as places their ceilings simply 20 factors apart.

Guilford as well as E.O. Smith are each removed with a loss. (E.O. Smith’s only possibility is Windsor, Guilford as well as Platt shedding as well as the factors dropping perfect versus Wilton as well as Platt.)

SMSA secured the front runner Friday evening. Northwest United as well as Killingly secure residence video games if they win, as well as Northwest United would certainly protect the 2nd seed if it wins. If Hall wins on Saturday, Wethersfield can secure a house video game with a win, also.

Losses for any one of them unlock (as well as we are chatting outright lightning-strike right here, a lot the method it associates a loss) for Masuk or North Sanctuary or Platt to move up with success.

♦ ♦ ♦

  • THEY’RE IN! (6 of 8)– Berlin (10-0), Regulation (8-1), Abbott Tech/Immaculate (8-1), Rockville (7-2), Notre Dame-West Sanctuary (6-3), RHAM (6-3).
  • RESIDENCE COOKIN’ (1 of 4)– Berlin (front runner).
  • A LITTLE AID BELOW ??– Hartford Public (5-4), Branford (4-5), East Lyme (4-5).
  • HAILSTORM MARY– Woodstock Academy (4-5), Lyman Hall (4-5), Avon (4-5).
  • SEE YOU NEXT YEAR– Watertown (3-6).


In addition to top-seeded Berlin, no one yet has actually an assured residence video game. Regulation as well as ATI can secure residence video games with success. If they do as well as there’s just one home-game area for Notre Dame or Rockville, it boils down to factors, unless one success as well as one sheds. Notre Dame’s ceiling is greater. 2nd location will certainly boil down to factors, unless just one of those 4 groups wins.

RHAM will certainly be the 6th seed unless it sheds as well as Hartford Public wins as well as the incentive factors drop properly.

Hartford Public took itself out of win-and-in region with its Rocky Hillside surrender on Friday. It’s still in with a win if either Branford or East Lyme sheds. It is not rather out with a loss.

Branford as well as East Lyme, likewise, are not rather in with a win alone neither out with a loss alone. If both win, their ceilings are 10 factors apart, as well as East Lyme will in fact have the greater ceiling, since Branford just maxes out if Waterford defeats East Lyme. They would certainly likewise be favoring various groups in a handful of various other video games. (Branford will certainly win any kind of sudden death in which it might locate itself, however.)

If both win as well as Hartford Public sheds, Branford remains in as well as East Lyme possibly just requires a number of perks, unless Woodstock Academy likewise wins, in which situation it infuses itself right into a two-teams-out-of-three factors go after.

Woodstock Academy, Lyman Hall, Avon as well as Watertown are all elimnated with a loss. Woodstock has the simplest course with a win, however it likewise has the hardest ask, dealing with previously rated Killingly. Lyman Hall requires Branford as well as East Lyme to shed, Woodstock either to shed or lose out on mostly all its perks, as well as indicate drop right versus Branford. Avon’s as well as Watertown’s hopes begin with Branford, East Lyme as well as Woodstock Academy all shedding.

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♦ ♦ ♦

  • THEY’RE IN! (4-of-8)– Foran (9-0), Cromwell (8-1), Windham (8-1), Granby/Canton (8-2)
  • RESIDENCE COOKIN’ (0 of 4)–( Foran’s close, however …)
  • SUCCESS & & YOU remain in– Ledyard (8-1), Barlow (7-2), Rocky Hillside (7-2)
  • A LITTLE AID BELOW ??– Gilbert/NW/Housy (7-2), Valley Regional/Old Lyme (8-1), Ellington (7-2)


As long as Course M is having a hard time to locate worthwhile groups, Course SS has much way too many. We in fact could see an 8-2 group or– even worse– a 9-1 Valley team lose out. That’s just how complicated this course is contrasted to the remainder.

Foran is the front runner with a gain Regulation. It’s simply a bonus offer video game far from securing a house video game, anyhow.

Cromwell/Portland, Windham as well as Granby/Canton (hardly) remain in. Cromwell as well as Windham will certainly catch residence video games with success.

Ledyard, Barlow, Rocky Hillside can order 3 of the last 4 areas with success. The last area would certainly boil down to Gilbert/Northwestern/Housy, Valley Regional/Old Lyme as well as Ellington GNH would certainly overshadow the various other 2 if Torrington defeats Watertown, which would certainly provide the Yellowjackets 15 factors as well as press them to an overwhelming 1375 factors. Otherwise, it would likely connect VROL at 1360.

So Valley requires to defeat H-K to complete 9-1 as well as obtain any kind of among the groups that have not secured to shed. Ellington requires to defeat Rockville as well as see 2 of those groups shed, consisting of Valley.

♦ ♦ ♦

  • THEY’RE IN! (7-of-8)– Ansonia (9-0), Holy Cross (7-2), Bloomfield (7-2), Forest (7-2), New Fairfield (7-2), East Catholic (6-3), Seymour (6-3)
  • RESIDENCE COOKIN’ (2 of 4)– Ansonia (front runner), Holy Cross.
  • SUCCESS & & YOU remain in– Haddam-Killingworth (6-3)
  • A LITTLE AID BELOW ??– North Branford (5-4)


Bloomfield as well as Forest can secure residence video games with success or a New Fairfield loss. New Fairfield secures a house video game with a win as well as a Timberland loss, or with a win, a Bloomfield loss as well as the best factors.

Awesome numbers enjoyable: If Seymour beats Forest, they would certainly incorporate factors if Wolcott beats Holy Cross, as well as Seymour would certainly complete greater on the neck and neck sudden death. (This is the only method Seymour can obtain a house video game, if New Fairfield likewise sheds … however see listed below.) However if Seymour success as well as Holy Cross wins, Forest borders Seymour anyhow.

Adhering To from this, East Catholic has a needle-thread course to a house video game: Beat Northwest Catholic, max out its factors (or really virtually so) as well as obtain success from Seymour, New Milford, Wolcott as well as the Gilbert co-op. Simple.

With a win on Tuesday vs. Valley Regional/Old Lyme, Haddam-Killingworth remains in, certainly as high as the 5th seed. If HK sheds after that Wednesday evening makes a decision the last area: If North Branford As Well As Morgan as well as the Stafford co-op win, the area is North Branford’s. Anything else leaves it to HK, whether straight-out or on a neck and neck sudden death, a one-point win on Oct. 21.