Happy Kurdistan Flag Day

June 7, 2022

Happy Kurdistan Flag Day. Kurdistan flag daydecember 17thproduced by the krg representation in the united states I woke up in the morning and saw many beautiful flags of kurdistan around the city of hawler , people are wearing kurdish clothes with a big flag of kurdistan on their shoulders.

Kurdistan Flag Day 17 December Erbil Lifestyle
Kurdistan Flag Day 17 December Erbil Lifestyle from erbillifestyle.com

استكشف أحدث الفيديوهات من علامات هاشتاج: Phone +964 750 373 9444. Kurdistan flag day is celebrated annually on december 17 since 2009 when the parliament of the kurdistan region of iraq passed a law to commemorate the kurdistan republic, also known as the mahabad republic.

I Woke Up In The Morning And Saw Many Beautiful Flags Of Kurdistan Around The City Of Hawler , People Are Wearing Kurdish Clothes With A Big Flag Of Kurdistan On Their Shoulders.

The kurdistan region’s people tomorrow on (17/12/2018) are going to celebrating their national flag day. The kurdistan parliament on 16 december 2021 celebrated the annual kurdistan flag day. In this context, the dean of students of tishk international university held a ceremony commemorating this day on december 16, 2021.

Hemin Hawrami, Secretary Muna Kahveci, The Parliamentary Parties, The Diwan Of Parliament And Families Of.

College of administration and economics. The flag of kurdistan is a symbol of the kurdistan regional entity and is. Rewaz faiq, deputy speaker dr.

In A Tweet, Masoud Barzani, The Current Leader Of The Leading Kurdistan Democratic Party (Kdp) And The Former President Of The Kurdistan Region, Wrote, “This Hallowed Flag For Which So Much Blood Has Been Shed Shall Eternally Remain A Source Of Pride To All The People Of Kurdistan.” Happy Kurdistan Flag Day.

Student council activity april 17, 2022; Posted by 7 months ago. Yes because they are so proud of it.

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Today 12/17 is kurdish flag day. This hallowed flag for which so much blood has been shed shall eternally remain a source of pride to all the people of kurdistan,” the kurdish leader said. Share this article and celebrate the kurdistan flag day, also share your photos with us on erbil lifestyle facebook.

Let’s Tell The World That We Are Kurds And Show Them Our Flag Waving Of Freedom.

In this context, the dean of students of tishk international university held a ceremony commemorating this day on december 16, 2021. Shortly after, it was used by the nationalist party xoybûn who hoisted the flag over the city of ağrı during the ararat rebellion.in his memoir doza kurdistan, kurdish politician kadri cemilpaşa of the ctk declared that this flag was the national kurdish flag whose colors and shape had now been defined. The kurdish flag’s main characteristic is the blazing golden sun emblem (roj in kurdish) at its center.

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