Is Alumni Support Center Legit

July 7, 2022

Is Alumni Support Center Legit. If a debt relief offer from a private company seems too good. I got one, but deleted it without looking into it at all.

Kent State Holds Grand Opening for Its New Center for Philanthropy and
Kent State Holds Grand Opening for Its New Center for Philanthropy and from

We help alleviate the burden and anxiety of financial stress by educating you on government. Crystal lindner recommends alumni support center. It has been brought up to our attention that there are voicemails promoting loan forgiveness and people using our company name to sign up clients.

If A Debt Relief Offer From A Private Company Seems Too Good.

The detailed information allowed me to properly vet his company and with direct contact information i could get any residual questions answered. If you’ve seen an ad or received a call from a debt relief company promising to pay off your loans, don’t take them up on it. You have to pay upfront or monthly fees to get help.

Finding The Right Information Or Help Can Seem Impossible, But Here At Alumni Support Center Located In Southern California, We Have Helped Americans Across The Country In Thousands Of Different Financial Situations Address Their Student Loan Burden.

I got one, but deleted it without looking into it at all. It is a startup business that is not affiliated with any university that has been marketing itself heavily on social media. Basically an alumni social network that they can run ads on for revenue.

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When They Answer The Call, They Are Provided With A Correspondent By The Name Of Sabrina Williams Alumni Solutions.

Probably the most egregious in this type of deceptive business model is Therefore, it is mandatory that you know what these scams are. They say they will consolidate my loans and setup a payment plan suitable for me for 300 months (25 years).

Alumni Support Center Response • Jul 01, 2019.

They are offered alumni solutions loan forgiveness. It is through this call that the people are tried to be duped. Basically, this company (alumni resource center) is offering to pay my 20,000+ student loan debt to the department of education so that i can avoid my credit being destroyed and my wages/taxes being garnished for late payment on my part.

Crystal Lindner Recommends Alumni Support Center.

At best it's an unofficial alumni club, at worst, it's a scam. True haha that was also my first thought but was curious if anyone else has seen anything. They have helped me with any questions i have had, they have always got back with me really quick, never once had a bad encounter.