Tamil Calendar 2022 Aadi Month

April 28, 2022

Tamil Calendar 2022 Aadi Month. In 2022, the aadi masam begins on july 16 and ends on august 17. Amavasya monthly calendar days in 2022 and amavasai timings.

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August 2020 Tamil monthly Calendar August, Year 2021 from tamil.calendarin.com

Tamil people celebrate aadi amavasai and aadiperukku. But several tamil hindu rituals and festivals are held in the month of aadi and therefore it is also auspicious to some people. January (margazhi and thai masam) february (thai and masi masam) march (masi and panguni masam) april (panguni and chithirai masam) may (chithirai and vaigasi masam) june (vaigasi and aani masam) july (aani and aadi masam)

This Last Month Of Tamil Calendar Has 29 Or 30 Days.

Tamil calendar of aadi masam (subakiruthu year) indicates festivals and holidays with the equivalent dates of the english calendar. Tamil festivals depend on geographic location and might differ for two cities and difference. Aadi month begins on karkadaka sankranti or karka sankramana day when sun transits to karkataka rashi or cancer zodiac from mithuna rashi or gemini zodiac.

Fifth Month Aavani And Tenth Month Thai Are Considered As Very Auspicious For The Wedding And Other Events.

Aadi masam is very important month in the tamil calendar. Everytime we cannot go for a tamil panchangam, as it is like an encyclopedia. English calendar for aadi masam subakiruthu year falls between july 17 and 31 and august 1 and 16.

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2022 Amavasai Dates Monthly List In Tamil Calendar.

Aadi masam or aadi month is the fourth month in traditional tamil calendar followed in tamil nadu. July 01 starts with aani 17. Click to view the important dates and festivals in aadi month 2022.

April 2022 Tamil Monthly Calendar April Monthly Calendar 2022 With List Of Hindu Festivals, Christians Festivals, Muslim Festivals And Government Holidays.

This is a month wise list of most tamil festivals in the year 2022. The twelve months in the tamil year are chithirai, vaigasi, aani, aadi, aavani, purattasi, ippasi, kaarthigai, maargazhi, thai, maasi, panguni. Aadi amavasai usually comes in the month of july or august.

But Several Tamil Hindu Rituals And Festivals Are Held In The Month Of Aadi And Therefore It Is Also Auspicious To Some People.

All the months in the tamil year contains either 29/30/31 days just like the english month. Most of the tamil festivals are determined based on the position of the sun and the moon. Mahalaya amavasai comes in the month of september or october of all these amavasai, mahalaya amavasai is religiously very important.