Vcenter Log4J Patch

February 26, 2022

Vcenter Log4J Patch. Apache log4j is updated to versions 2.12.4 for jdk 7 and 2.17.0 for jdk 8. Vmware has simplified the workaround for log4j in the vcenter server appliance with a simple python script.

[VMware] vSphere Web Client View Desktop Plugin
[VMware] vSphere Web Client View Desktop Plugin from

Log in to the appliance shell. Which takes care of applying the workaround for the log4j vulnerabilities in the. Restarting vcenter doesn't affect vms directly, mostly ha and drs will be down for the time it takes the services to restart.

The Vmsa Will Always Be The Source Of Truth For What Products & Versions Are Affected, The Workarounds, And Appropriate Patches.

Is there any plan to release a log4j patch of vcenter server 6.7 and 6.5. Log4j is one of the many building blocks that are used in the creation of modern software. New vmware vsphere and vcenter upgrade was released last week for version 7.0 and the installation was just as simple as any other vsphere/vcenter upgrade released in the past.

Update As Of Dec 28, 2021:

For greenfield deployments you should consider the customer's plans for when the project must be completed. I'd rather use a known stable version in brownfield environments. Also, the best news is your applications will not be vulnerable to the log4j exploit which could save you from nasty fines, customer loss and huge reputation hits.

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Vmware Has Simplified The Workaround For Log4J In The Vcenter Server Appliance With A Simple Python Script.

Patching to vcenter server 6.7 update 3q with a mounted iso might fail. It affects apache struts, apache solr, apache druid, elasticsearch, apache dubbo, and vmware vcenter. I will warn you that the last task “converting data as part of post install” did take longer than expected, specially for a small vmware environment […]

Which Takes Care Of Applying The Workaround For The Log4J Vulnerabilities In The.

Hey, i was going to post my blog post breakdown of the different log4j vulnerabilities of vmware vcenter but then i saw this post and didn’t want to duplicate! Upgrade to 2.12.4 from the patch link and migration guide available in the references. Please use the below 3.

Since I Was Just About To Head On Leave Last Year When This Hit I Just Shut Down My Vcenter Servers For Peace Of Mind, Expecting An Update To Drop Sometime Soon.

If the time is too short you also better use a known stable version. Most customers don't need the new features right away. Vmware hcx 4.2.x is fixed in 4.2.4 but no patch for 4.0)