2022 WWE Crown Gem results, wrap-up, qualities: Roman Reigns as well as Logan Paul provide all-time fantastic crossover

November 5, 2022

Logan Paul is a bonafide WWE super star. He as well as undeniable WWE global champ Roman Reigns significantly surpassed assumptions as well as place on an outright barnburner at WWE Crown Gem on Saturday. The initiatives of both individuals created a suit that will certainly place amongst the best celeb crossovers in pro-wrestling background.

Rules vs. Paul was significantly viewed as a money grab reserved for WWE’s ultra-profitable program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Paul had absolutely satisfied in his very first 2 WWE suits, yet a championship versus among WWE’s the majority of leading champs was improbable as well as unjust. Reigns as well as Paul muffled the sound with a remarkably affordable suit that need to gain just about one of the most unpredictable followers.

Crown Gem included a strong card from top-to-bottom. The ladies’s as well as tag group departments beamed especially brilliant. Bianca Belair as well as Bayley placed their bodies on the line in a harsh Last Female Standing suit, The Usos as well as Brawling Brutes remained to boost WWE’s tag groups as well as Damages CTRL presented superb chemistry versus Alexa Happiness as well as Asuka.

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CBS Sports was with real-time throughout Crown Gem with suit outcomes, qualities as well as highlights as the activity decreased.

2022 WWE Crown Gem results, qualities

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley: Lashley rejected to offer Lesnar a minute to resolve in as well as assaulted him ringside pre-match. Lesnar was noticeably hopping after being pushed right into the steel ring actions. Lashley toenailed his challenger with numerous spears inside as well as beyond the ring as soon as the suit formally began, consisting of one via the ringside barrier. Lesnar transformed the trend after rejecting of a pinfall, growing Lashley with countless German suplexes as well as striking an F-5 for the close to matter.

Lashley simply hardly connected his hands with each other to use his copyrighted Pain Lock complete nelson entry action. A virtually subconscious Lesnar rounded up the toughness to start the ring edge as well as release them both to the floor covering. Lashley kept the Pain Lock yet that was his downfall. Lashley’s shoulders got on the floor covering as well as with Lesnar in addition to him, the umpire counted 3. Lesnar was your champion. Post-match, an irritated Lashley snagged Lesnar in the Pain Lock as well as launched the hold just when Lesnar was subconscious.

The suit was simply alright. The physicality was no place near the masterclass of Gunther vs. Sheamus. Hardly any type of strikes were tossed in between the skilled mixed martial arts competitors as well as every little thing else was quite basic for a Lesnar suit. The most effective point opting for Lesnar vs. Lashley II was its affordable nature. Plainly, WWE is preparing for a rubber suit. With any luck, they crank up the strength. Lesnar def. Lashley through pinfall– Quality: C+

Female’s tag group champions — Alexa Happiness as well as Asuka vs. Damages CTRL (Dakota Kai as well as Iyo Skies): Happiness dabbled Kai early, rattling her with stylish chain fumbling. The champs’ warm begin pertained to an end when Kai as well as Skies effectively removed Asuka from her edge. The duo consistently targeted Asuka’s appropriate leg with entry holds, strikes as well as bangs.

Asuka lastly made the tag as well as blurt her fierceness on the oppositions. Happiness unloaded strikes on both ladies, spiked Kai with a twister DDT as well as grown Kai with a Code Red (a sundown flip-bomb). Little incantations of “this is outstanding” consistently burst out. Asuka, offering her leg injury, labelled in equally as the numbers benefit began to bewilder Happiness. A flurry of strikes outlined Skies, yet Kai drove a boot right into Asuka’s head. Happiness was keyed to do away with Kai with Twisted Happiness, yet she as well as the umpire were sidetracked by a pull-apart quarrel in between Asuka as well as Skies. Nikki Cross, that was seen consulting Damages CTRL on Monday Evening Raw, outlined Happiness. Kai covered a subconscious Happiness for the three-count.

A definitely superb initiative from all entailed that, regrettably, shed a little vapor on the backside. The steps were impactful, the exchanges crisp as well as the chemistry plentiful. The end was a touch frustrating. A suit this good can frequently be spoiled by a screwy surface. Furthermore, the ladies’s tag group titles have actually been circulated a lot in current months. It isn’t profiting any individual. What need to have been a very easy A was born down by a number of cumbersome minutes in the last stretch as well as unneeded overbooking. At the very least WWE established Cross’ partnership with Damages CTRL on once a week tv. Additionally, an additional up for the Bray Wyatt tease throughout Happiness’ pre-match meeting. Damages CTRL def. Happiness as well as Asuka (c) to win the titles– Quality: B+

Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Steel Cage Suit): McIntyre as well as Kross left to a quickly, physical begin on brand name with their negative blood fight. Kross enjoyed purging his devils via physical violence, yet neither male can obtain a stable grasp on energy. Each time Kross penalized his challenger with sluggish as well as systematic strikes, McIntyre responded to with eruptive effect. McIntyre flaunted his outstanding athleticism, grinding up while hanging inverted as well as throwing Kross to the floor covering, complied with by a headstand.

A Future Shock DDT ready McIntyre for a fight-finishing Claymore Kick, yet he was sidetracked by Scarlett cage side. Kross capitalized as well as landed his trademark elbow joint to the rear of the head prior to climbing up the cage. His choice was damaged as well as he was superplexed off the framework minutes later on. McIntyre tried to get away via the cage door yet was maced by Scarlett. Kross almost taken advantage of by getting away via the exact same door, yet McIntyre maintained him away with an ankle joint lock. McIntyre discovered the mark with his Claymore as well as aimed to get away. Scarlett secured the door, compeling McIntyre to scale the cage. Kross restored awareness as Scarlett clambered to open the door. A race took place as well as ended with McIntyre growing his feet ringside minutes prior to Kross can leave via the door.

One more instance of fantastic fumbling damaged by strange innovative instructions. McIntyre as well as Kross are an excellent fit. Their efficiency was dead despite compelling strikes as well as bangs. Regrettably, their personalities were made to look silly. Why was McIntyre so conveniently sidetracked by Scarlett? Why would certainly he leave via the door when the whole objective of the cage was to protect him from Scarlett? Why did neither opt for pinfalls after striking trademark steps? Maintain it easy, silly, since the activity was silly excellent. McIntyre def. Kross through cage retreat– Quality: B

The O.C. (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson as well as Luke Hanging) vs. Reasoning Day (Finn Balor, Damian Clergyman as well as Dominik Mysterio): The six-man tag group suit offered followers a great deal of various appearances. Regular tags were produced various mixes of individually exchanges as well as team-based maneuvers. Mysterio’s placement with Reasoning Day remained to show a clever innovative instructions as he functioned well in tandem with Balor as well as Clergyman. Neither group can obtain a stable grasp on the suit as the pendulum turned in both instructions. An also crash in between Anderson as well as Mysterio unlocked for Designs as well as Balor to take spotlight.

The group captains skillfully traded vibrant strikes, entry holds as well as high-impact steps. The umpire was not able to keep order as all 6 males fought. The sextet supplied an intriguing spin on the exaggerated Tower of Ruin. Designs superplexed Balor while Hanging as well as Clergyman banged Mysterio as well as Anderson, specifically, from their shoulders. The suit finished with Rhea Ripley assaulting Designs ringside, unlocking for Balor to land a shotgun dropkick as well as Successful stroke de Elegance for the triumph.

That suit was an enjoyable, agitated thrill. Neither group can obtain a hold for greater than a couple of minutes as well as followers were dealt with to essentially every mix of the 6 super stars. Both groups were practical prospects for triumph creating an uncertain as well as credible result. The only head-scratcher entails Ripley. Designs as well as business had actually questioned whether an equalizer was required to manage her. Nevertheless, Ripley is on a regular basis the reason Reasoning Day wins suits. It felt like a significant oversight for The O.C. to get in the suit without a backup prepare for Ripley. Reasoning Day def. The O.C. through pinfall– Quality: B

Braun Strowman vs. Omos: The taller, larger Omos bewildered Strowman in a traditional program of toughness to begin the suit. Strowman seemed out on his feet after an edge bang as well as consumed a tidy large boot to the jaw. Omos had fun with his food for most of the suit, prompting as well as penalizing Strowman in a manner that nobody had actually done previously. Strowman discovered a quick minute of success by banging Omos as well as establishing his hallmark runaway products train shoulder block outside. Strowman barrelled towards his challenger yet encountered a massive block wall surface called Omos. The suit decided after Strowman eluded from a running bang to the edge. A shocked Omos stumbled right into Strowman’s trademark running power bang for the three-count.

This is without a doubt the very best Omos has actually searched in his faster WWE run. Both had clear chemistry as well as WWE was clever to publication Strowman as the overmatched underdog, a setting followers hardly ever see him in. After affordable suit after affordable suit, it was revitalizing to see a mainly prejudiced competition. Assumptions showed up reduced for a suit referred to as by some as an effort to calm the Saudi Arabia group. This was a sleeper hit. Strowman def. Omos through pinfall– Quality: B+

Undeniable tag group champions— The Usos (Jey Uso as well as Jimmy Uso) (c) vs. Battling Brutes (Butch as well as Ridge Holland): Butch aggravated Jimmy as well as Jey with his exceptional technological fumbling early right into the spell. The Usos endangered to leave the suit as well as take the count-out loss, a problem in which the titles can not transform hands. Butch reduced them off yet was quickly bewildered by the champs. The Saudi followers got into incantations of “we desire Sami” incantations in spite of Zayn having never ever showed up on a WWE program in Saudi Arabia.

Battling Brutes took control of the center section of the suit in a display efficiency. Holland showed his transcendent power by raising as well as banging Jey as well as Jimmy concurrently. Butch captured Jimmy midair in a triangular choke yet his violation was disrupted by Jey’s superkick. The champs almost maintained their titles with a dual dash off the leading ropes yet Holland made the conserve with a minute to save. The unstable Jey allow the followers enter his head with incantations of “Ucey,” enabling Butch as well as Holland to capitalize with a near-fall. The suit finished with a significant leading rope 1-D for the pinfall as The Usos expanded their near-historic tag group title regime.

WWE’s once-maligned tag group department remains to grow under the regulation of The Usos. Fantastic pacing, group interaction, a tidy surface as well as a chance for every participant to radiate were amongst the suit’s peaks. Butch as well as Holland rose in loss, a best-case situation for any type of super star that heads out on their back. The Usos (c) def. Brutes to preserve their titles. Quality: A

Raw ladies’s champion — Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (Last Female Standing Suit): Belair as well as Bayley were shateringly familiar with the suit specification. Both ladies outfitted themselves with equipment in an initiative to close down their challenger. A ladder, kendo stick, steel chair as well as steel actions were taken out in the very first a number of mins of the suit. Bayley took a seat Belair in a steel chair ringside, encountered the ringside barrier as well as blew up the champ with a mid-air clothesline. Belair reacted with a bone-crunching suplex on the rampway. Bayley modified her ankle joint diminishing the ramp as well as the suit seemed at risk. It became a sham that Bayley utilized to blindside Belair. Bayley’s tactical luster was showcased when she caught Belair in between the ring apron as well as actions. Bayley penalized Belair with countless kendo strikes that broke down the champ.

Belair was determined as well as went after Bayley to the entryway. Belair whipped Bayley with the bamboo sword up until it tore to shreds. A counter Bayley-to-belly almost nicked the phase. Bayley intelligently caught Belair in a moving devices box, yet the effective champ muscled her means to liberty. Bayley remained on the offensive as well as secured a crossface that almost rested Belair. After damaging the hold as well as going away for a minute, Bayley unexpectedly came back as well as rolled through a golf cart with hopes of running over Belair. Regrettably, things was fairly sluggish as well as Belair looked foolish side-stepping it. After combating atop the cart, Belair drove ringside with Bayley on the roofing system.

Belair threw Bayley off the cart. The opposition overshot the touchdown as well as struck completion of the table prior to banging onto the flooring. Bayley showed up fairly unscathed as Belair powerbombed her via the table for a nine-count. Belair tried to find a fight-ending 450 dash onto steel chairs, yet Bayley presented of the means as well as came within a hair of shedding. Belair took in duplicated chair shots as well as struck Bayley with an unpleasant KOD. It was a harsh bump that saw Bayley land groin-first onto the side of a chair. Belair intelligently caught Bayley in between the ladder as well as the ring ropes to protect the 10 matter as well as preserve her title.

Bayley as well as Belair are entitled to substantial props for placing their bodies on the line. Bayley took some savage bumps as well as Belair did not avoid penalty. There are just 2 complaints: the golf cart was comically sluggish as well as Cross was no place to be discovered. It was fairly anticipated that Cross would certainly help Bayley after assisting Damages CTRL to triumph. Still, the champ as well as opposition were plainly bent on show a factor as well as placed every little thing they had right into a remarkable suit. Belair def. Bayley to preserve the title. Quality: A-

Undeniable WWE global champion — Roman Powers (c) vs. Logan Paul: Rules attempted to bully his smaller sized challenger from the start, yet Paul rejected to be daunted. The underdog shocked the champ with chain fumbling. Reigns rapidly eluded out of the ring when Paul attempted to land that fortunate strike he hyped up for weeks. Generally, Reigns was significantly in control for the very early parts of the suit. Reigns dabbled the Net celebrity, slamming as well as buffooning him. Paul remained to locate quick openings, consisting of a hip throw as well as clothesline to the outdoors, yet the even more skilled Reigns fasted to change. Paul captured Reigns showboating with a crossbody off the barrier and afterwards imitated AEW star “Executioner” Adam Web page with a very sports Buckshot Lariat. Paul’s froginess overcame him as he was obstructed mid-air after an overpriced springboard.

The champ took the reins for the center section of the suit, extending Paul while calling out YouTubers KSI as well as MrBeast. Paul almost did the difficult with a great hit off the edge ropes. Paul struck Powers with a sensational Superman elbow joint, leading rope crossbody as well as standing moonsault for one more near matter. The Net feeling tuned up the band for Dessert Chin Songs, a nod to his fitness instructor Shawn Michaels. Reigns responded to with a Uranage in one more large energy swing.

The closing stretch was all Paul. The amateur super star landed that fortunate appropriate strike as well as a follow-up Superman strike to find within a hair of doing the unimaginable. Paul outlined Reigns on the commentator’s table, ordered a phone as well as recorded himself releasing right into Powers with a sprinkle. The Usos showed up to batter Paul’s podcast co-hosts yet not long after discovered themselves in person with Jake Paul. Fresh off a sway UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva, Paul went down Jey as well as Jimmy with right-hand men. One more leading rope dash almost safeguarded Paul the globe title in simply his 3rd suit. Paul inevitably obtained shed in the enhancing turmoil. Solo Sikoa’s songs played as The Family’s enforcer aimed to help his Tribal Principal. A staredown in between Sikoa as well as Jake was disrupted by Logan releasing over the ropes to outline The Usos. Reigns utilized as well as outlined Paul with a spear as the influencer went back to the ring.

Shade the WWE cosmos satisfied. It was upsetting Reigns vs. Paul seriously. The Saudi Arabia programs are a massive moneymaker for WWE in spite of the honest issues around them. Reigns vs. Paul really felt significantly like a money grab as well as the construct was typical consequently. Every person anticipated an excellent proving from the very sports Paul, yet this was mind-blowing. A lot of would certainly have belittled the degree of idea needed to delight in an affordable suit, yet they drew it off. Hearts avoided a beat for Paul’s close to drops as well as he toenailed every area sublimely: from chain battling to springboards. It might not be an excellent suit externally yet you need to consider the name worth as well as just how much it surpassed assumptions. This is probably the best celeb crossover suit in pro-wrestling background. Rules def. Paul to preserve the title– Quality: A+