Community Center Stardew Valley Checklist

March 16, 2022

Community Center Stardew Valley Checklist. There are three versions of the same spreadsheet: There are a variety of different themed rooms, each requiring different items.

Stardew Valley checklist bulletin board community center Etsy
Stardew Valley checklist bulletin board community center Etsy from

Stardew valley community center created by dsos/john harris version 1.3. From spring 5 onward to get a cutscene with lewis. Every room in the center must be restored, and when all the rooms are complete, the community center shines like a brand new, and this allows you to unlock a special achievement:

Printable Stardew Valley Community Center Checklist.

There, you will find differently themed rooms, and each of them requires different items. Spring foraging bundle needs 4 items. These completed bundles may then be turned into the community center to repair it.

The Fourth Item Is For Info And Notes About The Item.

The second column is for the quantity of the item. Stardew valley bundle checklist is a list of items from the game a player should fill. Read the stuff below or the checklist will probably not make sense to you.

I Started Working On This As A Way To Help Myself Out Playing The Game.

I started playing stardew valley recently and this sub has given me endless valuable information. It lists fish, foraging, etc. From spring 5 onward to get a cutscene with lewis.

We're Working On Adding The New Content, But There's A Lot And We Don't Know Quite All The Details Involved In How The Systems All Work Yet.

The community center is easy to unlock; They are professional and well formatted. Bundles are donations to the junimos given via golden scrolls inside the community center.

Every Room In The Center Must Be Restored, And When All The Rooms Are Complete, The Community Center Shines Like A Brand New, And This Allows You To Unlock A Special Achievement:

Community center bundle items sorted by season! When all bundles for a particular room in the community center are complete, the junimos grant a special reward that sometimes benefits the entire community. It includes the missing bundle.

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