Difference Between Fordham Lincoln Center And Rose Hill

August 16, 2022

Difference Between Fordham Lincoln Center And Rose Hill. Rose hill vs lincoln center. Just over 2,000 students, first years through seniors, make up the rose hill part of the gabelli school.

Career Conference Celebrates and Confronts Difference
Career Conference Celebrates and Confronts Difference from news.fordham.edu

Rose hill is your typical campus setting with lots of individual buildings to walk across for classes. As of now i'm thinking that i want to major in communication & media studies and. At first, i thought rose hill was a better choice for me because it would provide a typical college experience.

As You Explore, You'll Begin To Get A Feel For Which Campus Is Better Suited To You.

Professionals at the top of their fields come to classes as visiting faculty and guest speakers. Rose hill is this business discipline’s home at fordham: After i got my acceptance letter in the mail (like two days ago because i applied rd) i began to question my decision.

Difference Between Rose Hill And Lincoln Center Gabelli Business School I’m A Plan To Apply As A Transfer Student And Am Wondering If The Two Schools Are Equally Good For Business.

But alas, you still have yet another decision to make in the. Our rose hill campus is located in the heart of a vibrant bronx community that has been at the center of artistic, musical, and historic movements. Its small and essentially in one large high rise building at lincoln center, adjacent to the law school.

Rose Hill Is About 5,000 Undergrads.

I’m a high school senior and got accepted to fordham’s rose hill campus. I was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom for me regarding the difference between fordham's rose hill campus and lincoln center campus in regards to social life, the kinds of people that generally attend and the overall positive/negative sides of both campuses. If anyone can clarify the difference between the two it would be greatly appreciated.

As Of Now I'm Thinking That I Want To Major In Communication & Media Studies And.

Lincoln center feels like a small liberal arts college within the city. Does anyone also know the acceptance rate for gabelli specifically at lincoln center? While most majors are offered at both of our campuses, there are a few that are exclusive to one location.

For The Most Part Social Life Here Exists Because Of The Larger Student Population And Bronx Community Around The Campus.

When i was at fordham, the rose hill crowd was rather looked down at from the lc crowd as being “provincial”….but rose hill, where i went, gave me a rather traditional university experience as there were a few bars off campus and in those days, albeit somewhat dangerous to. Rose hill is a classic college campus, gothic buildings, dorms, sports facilities and open green lawns, in the bronx next to the botanical gardens and bronx zoo, and little italy on arthur ave. So, through some elaborate set of circumstances, you've decided to apply to fordham university.

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