Ford Pinto Papers

February 16, 2022

Ford Pinto Papers. Review and consider the ethics involved in a corporation balancing the cost of recall compared to the cost of death and injury. This paper will provide possible solutions as well as supporting statements.

1972 Ford Pinto Original Dealer Sales Brochure 11 x Etsy
1972 Ford Pinto Original Dealer Sales Brochure 11 x Etsy from

The cost was just $5.08 per car. Ford to turn over pinto papers. Driving a 1973 ford pinto to their church volleyball practice in goshen, indiana, they were struck from behind by a chevrolet van.

That Ford Balanced The Cost Of Revising The Design And Recall Against The Cost Of.

Ford puts the figure at 23; Learn more 322 specialists online conclusion. According to the sworn testimony of ford engineers, 95 percent of the fatalities would have survived if ford had located the fuel tank over the axle (as it had done on its capri automobiles).

Driving A 1973 Ford Pinto To Their Church Volleyball Practice In Goshen, Indiana, They Were Struck From Behind By A Chevrolet Van.

Fa c t s o f t h e c a s e • in 1977, after eight years of the first out of pinto cars, ford releases new pinto models which have incorporated minor alterations to. The pinto was not to weigh an ounce over 2,000 pounds and not to cost a cent over 2,000. What were the company values?

The Pinto Was Known Inside The Company As ‘Lee’s Car.

The pinto’s fuel tank ruptured and the car exploded in flames. The success of the mustang elevated iacocca’s status and ideas and eventually forced knudsen out. The specifications called for a car to not weigh more than 2000.

Testing Proved The Pinto Was Not The Safest Vehicle However Ford Lobbied And Argued That.

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The Ford Pinto Is A Subcompact Car That Was Manufactured And Marketed By Ford Motor Company In North America From The 1971 To The 1980 Model Years.

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