I Quit My Call Center Job

April 23, 2022

I Quit My Call Center Job. My interests are writing, reading, playing on my switch and going out for walks! It is the vicious, ever present cycle of companies wanting experince they simply do not want to provide.

Why People Quit Call Center Jobs YouTube
Why People Quit Call Center Jobs YouTube from www.youtube.com

This video is meant for people who can relate. And if you consider that being a call center agent is among the professions which have the. Entry level job demanding 2 to 3 years experince, while the candidate needs a job to acquire said experience.

Research Has Shown That Nowadays, The Average Employee Will Change At Least 5 Jobs During Their Lifetime And The Number Is Rising As Years Pass.

Possibly quitting my decent paying call center job for a lower wage interim job. Interviewers are hired to be skeptical about their applicants. (bit of a rant, too) :

Thanks To Everyone Who’s Been Supporting Me!

Personal information has been blurred in the images per rules. This video is meant for people who can relate. I spent 2 years at this company and finally had enough.

So If You’re Ever Down For That, That Would Be Great!

The best way to quit a job over the phone is to call your supervisor and say very simply that you are quitting. I worked in a call center for a bank in collections for 3 years. I started a call center job a couple months ago.

This Is Something That I Have Been Thinking About For The Longest.

If you know you know. He can have the minor inconvenience of logging me back out. I went months without a job, until i started working in a print room, which i quite enjoy.

Ps, I Love Calling And Watching Stuff Together!

If you are unhappy with your position, you might decide to seek other employment before officially quitting over the phone. However, if your supervisor is unavailable, and you can't wait to resign, you can speak to your. This gives the employer time to find, and train, someone to replace your position.

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