Is There Going To Be A New Mortal Kombat Movie

February 21, 2022

Is There Going To Be A New Mortal Kombat Movie. As entertainment weekly reported, the film is still in the very early stages, but it’s known that many of the original stars, as well as the filmmakers, are expected to return. There were plans in the early 2000s for a new movie that might shoot in new.

Watch Mortal Kombat Director Breakdown the First Trailer
Watch Mortal Kombat Director Breakdown the First Trailer from

This 2021 film is a reboot of the 1995 mortal kombat film, and that movie received a sequel two years later: While video game movies have a somewhat deserved reputation as being awful, one of the few that manage to rise above the pack is mortal kombat. There will definitely be fatalities.”.

The Mortal Kombat Movie Was One Of The First Big Releases To Come Out In 2021 That Made It Feel Like Maybe Some Sense Of Normalcy Was Right Around The Corner.

Here are a few things a die hard fan would love to see in the movie. Read more in game preview: However, it was then delayed to april 23rd.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Has Starred In Multiple.

Total film | march 2021. The first trailer for the brand new mortal kombat movie debuted last week and if you're even a little bit a fan of the video game series it's. The film will serve as a.

A Legacy Spanning Decades, Iconic Characters.

26, 2022 12:45 pm est. It turns out that it wasn't because a. The movie is finally released, and.

By Jeff Litton / Jan.

Anderson , who would go on to helm event horizon and resident evil , mortal kombat wasn't amazing, but it combined entertaining fight scenes, likeable characters, and a decent, if shallow, plot to create. I’m surprised it took so long for someone to decide on making a new mortal kombat movie. If there’s going to be a new ‘mortal kombat’ movie, chances are it’s going to suck something awful.

There Will Definitely Be Fatalities.”.

Deadline broke the news, revealing that. Mortal kombat debuted this past spring and a continuation of. It seems that new line cinema is going ahead with a sequel to last year’s mortal kombat movie.

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