July 21 3228 Bc

May 12, 2022

July 21 3228 Bc. (a) lord ram was born on january 10, 5114 bc : सर्व वास्तु पांडवकालीन कश्या ?

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Lord krishna was born on july 21, 3228 bc: Org / articles / 0904 / 29. आपण कोणत्या ही ऐतिहासिक वास्तु (लेणी, देवुळ) पहायला गेलात तर तेथील स्थानिक रहिवाशी ती वास्तु.

According To Achar, Krishna Was Born In3112 Bc.

Bansal rest his claims on two of his software packages which can simulate any planetory configuration. According to him, krishna was born on july 21, 3228 bc anddied at 2 pm on february 18, 3102 bc. Bansal says this was enough information for him to nail the date, working backwards from krishna's death, which he says.

Pandit Has Based His Movie On Dates And Timelines Coming Out Of Scientific Based Research By Credible Evidence Based On Archeology, Astronomy And Linguistics, Apart From Oral Evidence From Indian Tradition.

Bansal, the father of computer astrology in india, says that hindu god krishna was born on july 21, 3228 bc. Harela mela ,[ 4 ] as either 18 or 21 july 3228 bc.[ 5 ][ 6 ] krishna belonged to the royal. According to achar, krishna was born in 3112 bc.

குட்டிக்கண்ணன் பிறந்தநாள் ஜூலை 21 3228

And july 21, 3228 bc, according to bansal, satisfies every condition described during krishna's birth. Some light moments from the game indians are mad about. Krishna was born in the rohini nakshatra, in the hindu month of bhadrapada, on the 8th day of the waning moon at midnight.

Bansal, The Father Of Computer Astrology In India, Says That Hindu God Krishna Was Born On July 21, 3228 Bc, It Feels Momentous Somehow.

Dr manish pandit, a nuclear medicine physician from uk is making a movie on krishna as a historic figure. Times news network </saturday,>bc</strong>, saroj bala, irs, commisioner of income tax says, calmly, with the assurance of one who has tangible facts.… குட்டிக்கண்ணன் பிறந்தநாள் ஜூலை 21 3228 அருண் கே பன்சால்.

Ananda Krishna Nandu Wiki Height Biography Early Life Career Age Birth Date Marriage And July 21, 3228 Bc, According To Bansal, Satisfies Every Condition Described During Krishna's Birth.

Similarly one may ask, why do we celebrate krishnashtami? Lord krishna was born on july 21, 3228 bc: Don’t know whether these actually happened, but thought these are worth sharing:

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