RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TRANSFERS: Nov. 17 to Dec. 16, 2022|Information

January 14, 2023

Nov. 17

Kayla B. Calico and also Justin R. Calico to Cameron Wesley Thomas and also Brianna Chamaine Branham, Greenbrier Class, $202,000

Jamie Lea Hall and also Kyle Perrault to Lindsey Danielle Brown, Stoney Creek Class, $225,000

LP Building And Construction, LLC to James William Hatfield and also Julie M. Hatfield, Shiloh Cove Class, $369,900

Betty Williams to Brian K. Hatmaker and also Teresa A. Hatmaker, Oaks Class, $373,500

Gary Paul Peretti to Kenny Combs and also Larry Combs, Dixie Glade Acres Class, $36,000

Timothy Snow and also Rosalie Snow to Lauren Whitaker, Shiloh Crest Class, $390,000

Ballinger’s Apartments, LLC to Sipple Investments Residence, LLC, System Plat 3/176, $450,000

April Pergrem to James J. Blake and also Amie B. Blake, Lake Ridge Estates, $2,700,000

Sara K. Combs and also Dale W. Combs to Luther J. Cottrell, Jr. and also Shelia Cottrell, Crossings Class, $38,000

Ross the Real Estate Agent, LLC to Kentucky Residential Property Ventures, LLC, System Madison Co., $20,000

Nov. 18

Richmond Dev. Co., LLC to Brian Charles, Trustee for and also in behalf of the Brian Charles Living Depend On, Tracts Madison Co., $450,000

Houghton Houses, LLC to Brownish-yellow S. Ruffner, Arbor Woods Class, $313,000

John Lyndon Marcum to Justin Morgan Seeker, Sierra Seeker, and also Marsha L. Seeker, Tracts Madison Co., $413,500

Relief Residence, LLC to Matthew Riddell, Tracts Madison Co., $140,000

Nov. 21

Johnny Ray Francis to Lisa Pedestrian, Sugarville Meadows Class, $192,500

Edward E. Smith and also Lynne E. Smith to Joshua Bernard Cobb and also Kendal McCloud Cobb, Great Deal 16 Plat 23/181, $58,500

Charolette Keathley to Karen Ann Beloved and also Patrick Kerry Holloway, Great Deal 7-10 P1/5, $165,000

Patricia Swanagin by Michael Swanagin as Guardian to Rittco, LLC, Stateland Class, $50,000

Nov. 22

Bruce Cope Builders, Inc. to Karl K. Karkaria and also Dusty R. Karkaria, Shiloh Pointe Class, $737,000

Ronald Howell and also Lynoda Howell to Dallas Merrill, Great Deal A Plat 9/399, $283,000

K & & L Developers, LLC to Dywalt Residence, LLC, Grey Oaks Class, $39,000

Bonnie Alexander and also Kenneth Stanifer to Earl Alexander and also Betty Alexander, Great Deal 1 Plat 30/267, $160,000

Mitchell Glen Abney and also Mary Morgan Abney to Melissa Maker, System Plat 30/206, $4,000

Marcus Stimulates and also Sherry Stimulates to Anthony Blake Well and also Harley Nicole Webb, System C Plat 30/97, $85,400

WW Investments, LLC to Wilson Associates, Inc., Lots Windsor Class, $132,000

Denise Brinkley Oliver as Executrix of the Estate of Douglas Youthful Oliver and also Brandy Oliver Brown, Executrix of the Estate of Roger Marion Oliver to Jesse Isaacs, Herndon Lane Acres, $31,000

Brief Woodworking and also Building And Construction, Inc. to Michael Kevin McAfee and also Celeste Carter-McAfee as co-trustees of The Mc-Afee-Carter Living Depend On, Savanna Sight @ Double Lakes, $262,000

Tyler Scott Frazier and also Nicole Frazier to Louis Bertrand Thomas III and also Lori Thomas, System 1 Plat 30/243, $45,000

Doll Residence, LLC to Mark Allen Walters and also Ines Marie Walters, Golden Fallen Leave Condominium, $200,000

Doll Residence, LLC to Extreme Plumbling, LLC, Golden Fallen Leave Condominium, $200,000

Brief Woodworking and also Building And Construction, Inc. to Ken-Tuk Solutions, LLC, Richmond Invetment Co. Enhancement,$ 250,000

Nov. 28

LP Building And Construction, LLC to Jamilyn Boots, Magnolia Pointe Class, $401,400

Kristopher Laskowski and also Mallory increased Waldman Laskowski to Suzanne Marie Fitzsimons, Magnolia Pointe Class, $400,000

Glenmore Renfro and also Linda L. Renfro to Kimberly Winkler, System Madison Co., $35,000

Estate of Anne G. Carter with Steven Austin Carter, Carolyn Carter Edney and also Michael W. Carter to Steven A. Carter and also Phyllis Carter, Great Deal 1 Plat 11/23, $38,000

Nov. 29

Doll Residence, LLC to George William Cole and also Peggy Leigh Cole, Ash Park Class, $555,000

Ashley T. Parker to Spence B. Aguiar, Shady Oaks Estates, $390,000

Jimmie R. Woods and also Tammy L. Woods to David R. Ratliff and also Lesley G. Ratliff, Great Deal 2 Plat 21/53, $250,000

Simply 4 Youngsters, LLC to Michael J. Damron and also Lacey Damron, Fieldstone Class, $399,500

Kevin Hensley and also Natasha Hensley to Mary Kay giannotta and also John E. Giannotta, Arbor Woods Class, $412,400

Doll Residence, LLC to Chaarvi Vemla, Great Deal 67C Plat 30/270, $205,000

A&R Service Providers, LLC to Melvin Henry Vance, Jr and also Jessica Ann Martinovich, Savanna Sight @ Double Lakes, $271,000

Darrell Hager to Janet Elliott, System United States Freeway 25, $84,800

Terry r. Area and also Glenda S. Area to Tracy Logan Tipton and also Brownish-yellow Pearl Tipton, Fieldstone Class, $300,000

Michael Travis Bowles and also Brandi Bowles to Jarvis Austin VanWinkle, Eagles Touchdown Class, $269,000

Lattie B. Lominac to Baldwood Residence, LLC, South Bluegrass Joint, $290,000

Shirley Lainhart to Timothy Swafford, System Madison Co., $80,000

Nov. 30

Estate of Laura Frances Hissom with her Executrix, Jamie Lynn Hissom Kenny to Shannon Snapp, Southern Hills Class, $170,000

Estate of Omer Ashcraft, Sr. with Brenda Sue Ashcraft, Executrix to Lonzo Wasson and also Glenda Wasson, System 2 Plat 20/277, $38,500

James C. Leadingham and also Lenore T. Leadingham to Thomas J. Zinn and also Janet L. Zinn, Great Deal Plat 26/98, $525,000

Kenneth Eckman Jr. and also Jane M. Eckman to Peter John Kobin and also Sarah Anne Kobin, Shiloh Cove Class, $389,900

Dec. 8

KAP Leasing, LLC to James R. Ochs and also Laura G. Ochs, Savanna Sight @ Double Lakes, $263,000

MACC, LLC to ARC Vehicle & & Trailer Repair Work, LLC, System Madison Co. $150,000

Ron Durham Builders, LLC to Mason Darby and also Kristen Darby, Magnolia Pointe Class, $414,000

Dec. 9

Brian Elkins and also Kimber Elkins to Sergio A. Perez, Shrub Base Estates, $220,000

Shauna M. Turner and also Kimberly Turner to Randall Adam Coffey and also Jaclyn Turner-Coffey, System 8 Plat 7/227, $5,000

Little Bethel Primitive Baptist Church and also Madison Co. Conservation Culture, LLC, Moberlys Enhancement, $50,000

WW Investments, LLC to Lattie Lominac III, Hickory Hills Class, $400,000

Dec. 12

Mason Darby and also Kristen Daarby to Ethan Taylor Connelly and also Haylee L. Connelly, Greenway Levels Class, $308,000

Foley Advancement, Inc. to Gibson Lane Residential Property Investments, LLC, Tracts Madison Co., $9,100,000

TCF Features, LLC to Gibson Lane Residential Property Investments, LLC, System Madison Co., $1,450,000

Building And Construction Monitoring Pros of KY, LLC to Christopher Charles Shields and also Angela Kristin Martin, Fieldstone Class, $422,000

Jo Hatton to Sarah I. Hatton, Burnamwood Class, $185,000

Dec. 13

Ryan Frazier and also Tamyra Frazier to Brandon Allen Smith, Hillcrest Class, $244,000

Phillip D. Hatton Follower Trustee of the Virgil R. Hatton Revocable Living Depend Jordan Louis Vandelinder, Estridgee Class, $130,000

Trademark Leasings, LLC to Darryl Virts and also Pamela Virts, Bentwood Trace, $280,000

Shane Gregory Blankenship and also Lindsey Blankenship to Arnold Adams and also Bobbie Adams, Argyll Class, $225,000

Doll Residence, LLC to George William Cole and also Peggy Leigh Cole, Ash Park Class, $555,000

Robert Scott Hillside, Sr. to Johnathon M. Howard and also Lindsay Howard, Hidden Hills Class, $227,500

Kendall M. Cobb and also Joshua B. Cobb to Cassandra Hale and also Natasha Cash, Doves Touchdown, $251,000

Houghton Houses, LLC to Ashley T. Parker, Arbor Woods, $274,900

Eric Scott Robinson and also Kimberly Jo Robinson to Valentine Akoh Mungyeh, Rivendell Class, $24,000

Christopher Shawn Lakes and also Nicole Mitchell Lakes to Alicia Myers and also Johnathon Myers, Berkley Hall Class, $410,000

Kevin Seeker Phillips and also Kristin Shuck to Wilma Joyce Reece, System A P15/55, $125,000

Lloyd Michael Miller and also Sherri L. Miller to ridgeline Premier Residence, LLC, October Magnificence @ Golden Fallen Leave Class, $600.000

Jon Matthew Thomas Bullens to Jonathan Wesley Bullens and also Traaci Bullens, Lots 16 & & 17 P1/79, $90,000

Doll Residence, LLC to Ridgeline Premier Residence, LLC, Golden Fallen Leave Condos, $224,000

Tommy Cope Residence, LLC to John Clifford Gonterman and also Vonnie Jean Conterman, Fincastle Class, $299,900

Mary J. Buzbee to Paulette Pecora and also Lyle D. Winchester and also Patty A. Winchester, Creekside Town, $229,000

St. Andrews Area retirement home Inc. to William H. Douglas and also Paula P. Douglas, St. Andrews Area Condominiums, $238,000

Houghton Houses, LLC to Carole Kay Barzilai, Barbara Barzilai, and also Robert Barr, Arbor Woods, $274,900

A&R Service Providers, LLC to Madison Brooke Wilson and also Arthuo Christopher Villegas, Savanna Sight @ Double Lakes, $270,000

Dec. 14

James Henderson to Garry Milton Realty, Inc., Arbor Woods Class, $285,000

Travis French and also Amy French to Adam Tebbe, Great Deal 6 Plat 21/315, $260,000

Martha J. Wayland Putz to Carol Gilliam and also Harry S. Rice, Suncrest Meadows Class, $245,500

Shawn Kendrick and also Chasity Kendrick to Nelson J. Phillips and also Valerie A. Phillips, Hampton Ridge Class, $225,000

Estate of Andy Luther Garrett with Andrea Anderson, Executrix to Jonathan Garrett, Great Deal G1, G2, & & G3 Plat 15/89, $682,000

Dec. 15

Brent J. Shaw and also Dana Hanson-Shaw to Cartus Financial Corp., Eagles Touchdown, $315,000

Cartus Financial Corp. to Cody R. Reid and also Anna G. Reid, Eagles Touchdown, $315,000

Priscilla Blossom as administrator of the Estate of David Francis Blossom to Thin Line Investments, LLC, System 2 Plat 8/130, $110,000

WW Investments, LLC to Michael Wayne Richardson and also Joyce Faye Richardson, System A Plat 22/23, $70,000

Gerald Whisman and also Tonya Whisman to Landon L. Mayo and also Joanna M. Mayo, High Meadows Class, $269,900

Vivian Ann Kineman and also Donald R. Griffeth to Jayce Sietz Hutcheson, Covington Woods Class, $280,000

Shannon D. Snapp and also Danna Snapp to Kurtis D. Malear and also Courtney L. Malear, Braemer Class, $310,000

Austin Wardford to Henry Bach and also Connie Bach, Tates Creek Class, $440,000

Mason W. Tackett and also Lagonda Tackett to Stephen Doss and also Candice Doss, System Madison Co., $38,000

The estate of Zella Conner by Kory Odell isaacs of Public Manager to Stargazer Houses, LLC, Lowery Levels Class, $10,000

David Fish and also Hazy Fish to Eric Dunaway, Shrub Base Estates, $215,650

Mary Jane Lakes to BCB Rentals, LLC, Tracts Madison Co., $200,000

Dec. 16

Lyndsey Lisle to Kenneth Vitale and also Yoshilo Hillside, Arbor Woods Class, $314,000

Billie French and also William C. Buckley to Dalton Keith Harris, Great Deal 27A Plat 29/183, $175,000

Sherilene roe Celesti, Follower Trustee o part of the Wilbur Brewsaugh and also Reva Brewsaugh Revocable Living Depend Frank Hall Jr. and also Teresa Ann Hall, Castlewood Class, $336,250

Mary Conn to Jenna Faye Ramsey, Richard McIntosh Class, $142,000

Paul H. Mays and also Janice W. Mays to Timothy W. Miller and also Toni Sue Miller, System Madison Co., $80,000

KY Heritage Houses, LLC to Leon Langford and also Catherine Langford, Fincastle Class, $290,000

Audrey Tina Hall to Jeremy Swimming Pool and also Michelle Swimming Pool, Edgewood Class, $330,000

Wayne John Baldwin and also Carol Baldwin to Hayley Cheyenne Search, Great Deal 1 Plat 15/94, $262,500

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