Policy 5 Draft results 2022 

December 8, 2022

SAN DIEGO– All 30 Big league clubs collected on the last day of the Wintertime Conferences in San Diego on Wednesday to participate in the Policy 5 Draft, which provides clubs a chance to include low-risk, high-ceiling skill to their companies.

Below is a run-through of this year’s Policy 5 Draft choices, with the order determined by the reverse order of last period’s standings; the Policy 5 layout differs from the amateur Draft (Policy 4), whose order is currently established partly by a Lotto game. A group has to have space on its lineup to make a choice, so each group’s 40-man condition is consisted of in parentheses. Clubs pay $100,000 to choose a gamer in the Big league stage of the Policy 5 Draft, however if that gamer does not remain on the energetic Big league lineup for the complete period, he has to be used back to his previous group for $50,000.

Round 1
A’s– RHP Joelvis Del Rosario, from PIT
Pirates– RHP Wei-Chieh Huang, from SF
Reds– RHP Kyle Glogoski, from PHI
Royals– SS Shervyen Newton, from PHI
Tigers– RHP Layne Henderson, from HOU
Mountain Ranges– LHP Eli Lingos, from CLE
Marlins– 3B Dane Myers, from DET
Angels– C Ronaldo Flores, from SF
D-backs– RHP Taylor Rashi, from SF
Cubs– LHP Jose Aquino, from SEA
Doubles– OF Armani Smith, from SF
Red Sox– LHP Joe Jacques, from PIT
White Sox– RHP Ernesto Jaquez, from HOU
Orioles– RHP Alfred Vega, from NYY
Makers– 2B Isaac Collins, from COL
Rays– RHP Hector Perez, from BAL
Phillies– SS Pedro Martinez, from TB
Padres– 3B Evan Mendoza, from STL
Mariners– 1B Francisco Tostado, from SF
Guardians– RHP Bradley Hanner, from Minutes
Blue Jays– C Kekai Rios, from Boy
Cardinals– C Jose Alvarez, from HOU
Yankees– LHP Pablo Mujica, from KC
Mets– RHP Wilkin Ramos, from PIT
Braves– RHP Domingo Gonzalez, from PIT
Astros– LHP Max Roberts, from SEA
Dodgers– RHP Yon Castro, from NYY

Round 2
Pirates– OF Joshua Palacios, from WSH
Reds– RHP Brooks Crawford, from SF
Mountain Ranges– RHP Nicholas Kuzia, from DET
Marlins– RHP Austin Roberts, from PIT
Angels– OF Jared Oliva, from PIT
D-backs– RHP Denny Larrondo, from NYY
Cubs– RHP Nick Burdi, from SD
Doubles– SS Yohander Martinez, from HOU
Red Sox– RHP Ryan Miller, from NYY
Orioles– LHP Trey McGough, from PIT
Rays– RHP Enmanuel Mejia, from PIT
Phillies– RHP Yoniel Ramirez, from SF
Mariners– SS Logan Warmoth, from TOR
Guardians– C Michael Berglund, from TB
Cardinals– RHP Brandon Komar, from SD
Mets– OF Agustin Ruiz, from SD
Astros– LHP Bryan King, from CHC
Dodgers– RHP Carlo Reyes, from PHI

Round 3
Marlins– RHP Cristian Charle, from PIT
Angels– SS Riley Unroe, from SEA
D-backs– RHP Peter Solomon, from PIT
Cubs– OF Jefferson Encarnacion, from PHI
Doubles– INF Yoyner Fajardo, from PIT
Orioles– C Randy Florentino, from TEX
Rays– RHP Nelson Alvarez, from NYY
Phillies– RHP Zach Linginfelter, from LAA
Guardians– RHP Justin Lewis, from ARI
Cardinals– RHP Jose Martinez, from Boy
Mets– 2B Jonathan Arauz, from BAL
Astros– RHP Manuel Urias, from PHI
Dodgers– OF Josh Stowers, from TEX

Round 4
Angels– RHP Willian Suarez, from SF
Doubles– RHP Seth Nordlin, from TEX
Phillies– SS Cameron Cannon, from BOS
Cardinals– RHP Ryan Shreve, from Minutes
Mets– SS Mateo Gil, from COL
Astros– LHP Luis Rodriguez, from CHC

Round 5
Phillies– RHP Trey Cobb, from NYM

Round 6
Phillies– C Cody Roberts, from BAL

Round 7
Phillies– INF Oliver Dunn, from NYY