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September 12, 2022

Printed on September 12, 2022

This report is printed each weekday, besides County holidays. The data in every report covers important felony incidents typically from the day earlier than; experiences printed on Monday cowl the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some incidents might seem a day or two after the incidence. This report will not be a complete checklist of each police occasion in Arlington County within the acknowledged time-frame. Addresses proven point out blocks and never particular addresses. For extra data on crime in your space, go to our on-line crime mapping device.

Observe: Data contained within the Every day Crime Report is usually based mostly on preliminary experiences made to the Police Division. Comply with-up investigations might reveal totally different or extra data. All people arrested or charged with a criminal offense are presumed harmless till confirmed responsible in a court docket of legislation and costs could also be amended through the court docket proceedings. For case standing data, go to Virginia’s Judicial System web site.


BRANDISHING, 2022-09110104, 1500 block of Clarendon Boulevard. At roughly 12:26 p.m. on September 11, police had been dispatched to the report of an assault simply occurred. Upon arrival, it was decided that the feminine sufferer and recognized male suspect had been inside a residence once they grew to become concerned in a verbal dispute. Throughout the dispute, the suspect allegedly assaulted the sufferer, brandished a firearm and verbally threatened her earlier than fleeing the scene. The sufferer declined medical consideration. Throughout the course of the investigation, it was decided the suspect could also be touring on the metro. Metro Transit Police had been notified, situated the suspect in Washington D.C. and took him into custody. Warrants for Assault and Battery, Brandishing and Felony Threats had been obtained for Ronald Whitehead, 34, of Arlington, VA.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 2022-09110140, 3600 block of S. Glebe Street. At roughly 4:48 p.m. on September 11, police had been dispatched to the report of an assault with damage. Upon arrival, it was decided the male sufferer was working as a rideshare driver when the feminine passenger allegedly grew to become combative and pepper sprayed him. The sufferer was handled on scene by medics. The suspect is described as a light-skinned, presumably blended race feminine, 5’7” tall, 140 lbs with darkish hair. She was carrying shorts and a brief sleeve shirt on the time of the incident. The investigation is ongoing.

BRANDISHING, 2022-09100257, 100 block of N. Thomas Road. At roughly 11:55 p.m. on September 10, police had been dispatched to the report of a brandishing. Upon arrival, it was decided that the sufferer and suspect had been inside a car once they grew to become concerned in a verbal dispute, throughout which the suspect allegedly brandished a machete. The sufferer safely exited the car and contacted police. The suspect then drove away from the world. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, carrying light-wash denims, and a white shirt. No accidents had been reported. The investigation is ongoing.

ROBBERY (Late), 2022-09110029, 2400 block of Richmond Freeway. At roughly 2:02 a.m. on September 11, police had been dispatched to the report of a late theft. Responding officers carried out a search of the world which concluded with unfavourable outcomes. The investigation decided that at roughly 1:30 a.m., the unknown male suspect entered into the enterprise and commenced deciding on merchandise. An worker requested the suspect if he wanted help, throughout which the suspect displayed a knife and tried to go away with out paying. A second worker confronted the suspect, throughout which the suspect made threatening statements and pointed the knife in the direction of him. The suspect then fled the scene on foot with the stolen merchandise. The suspect is described as a Black male in his late-20’s to early-40’s, carrying a grey bucket hat, sun shades, light-blue shirt, white masks, black backpack, black long-sleeve shirt, white and black footwear, and black pants. The investigation is ongoing. 

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 2022-09100040, 900 block of S. Dinwiddie Road. At roughly 2:34 a.m. on September 10, police had been dispatched to the report of an publicity. Upon arrival, it was decided the witnesses had been strolling within the space once they noticed the male suspect allegedly masturbating within the courtyard space of a residential constructing. Responding officers situated the suspect and took him into custody with out incident. Throughout the course of the investigation, the suspect supplied officers with false figuring out data, nonetheless officers had been in a position to correctly determine him. Nathaniel Chapman, 30, of No Mounted Tackle, was arrested and charged with Indecent Publicity and Giving False Id to Legislation Enforcement.

ATTEMPTED UNLAWFUL ENTRY (Late), 2022-09100168, 1700 block of N. Wayne Road. At roughly 4:13 p.m. on September 10, police had been dispatched to the late report of an tried illegal entry. Upon arrival, it was decided the sufferer returned to the unoccupied, underneath building residence and noticed indicators that somebody had tried to pressure open doorways to the house. No entry was believed to have been made inside and no gadgets had been reported stolen. There is no such thing as a suspect(s) description. The investigation is ongoing.

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 2022-09020193, 1600 block of Kirkwood Street

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09040026, 2800 block of Potomac Avenue

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09060208, 3100 block of Clarendon Boulevard

THREATS, 2022-09080222, 2600 block of Wilson Boulevard

RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE, 2022-09090069, 2000 block of N. Monroe Road

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09090082, 1600 block of N. George Mason Drive

THREATS, 2022-09090090, 1000 block of Wilson Boulevard

TRESPASS, 2022-09090121, 3000 block of Columbia Pike

LARCENY, 2022-09090151, 1200 block of S. Hayes Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-09090170, 1600 block of N. Colonial Terrace

THREATS, 2022-09090178, 3500 block of S. Clark Road

LARCENY, 2022-09090195, 1100 block of S. Hayes Road

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09090200, 1000 block of N. Randolph Road

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09090237, 1300 block of N. Stafford Road

LARCENY, 2022-09100097, 400 block of N. Jackson Road

TRESPASS, 2022-09100109, 5000 block of Columbia Pike

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 2022-09100138, 600 block of S. Barton Road

THREATS, 2022-09100155, 4400 block of thirty first Road S.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-09100178, 1600 block of 18th Road N.

LARCENY, 2022-09100181, 1200 block of S. Hayes Road

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 2022-09100245, Langston Boulevard at N. Moore Road

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09110049, 1600 block of N. George Mason Drive

LARCENY, 2022-09110070, 2400 block of Richmond Freeway

LARCENY, 2022-09110149, 1200 block of S. Fern Road

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 2022-09110171, 5500 block of Columbia Pike

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-09110176, 3400 block of Washington Boulevard


IDENTITY THEFT, 2022-09094007, 1900 block of N. Lynn Road

IDENTITY THEFT, 2022-09094008, 1300 block of S. Eads Road

LARCENY, 2022-09094009, 2800 block of S. Buchanan Road

IDENTITY THEFT, 2022-09094010, 2700 block of S. Quincy Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-09094011, 2400 block of Wilson Boulevard

LARCENY, 2022-09094012, 2800 block of S. Columbus Road

LARCENY, 2022-09094013, 800 block of 18th Road S.

FRAUD, 2022-09094014, 1300 block of S. Thomas Road

LARCENY, 2022-09094015, 900 block of N. Taylor Road

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 2022-09094016, 5000 block of seventh Street S.

LARCENY, 2022-09094017, 2000 block of S. Clark Road

LARCENY, 2022-09094018, 3000 block of tenth Road N.

LARCENY, 2022-09094020, 1100 block of Arlington Boulevard

FRAUD, 2022-09094021, 900 block of fifteenth Road S.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 2022-09094023, 1300 block of N. Nelson Road

FRAUD, 2022-09094024, 2100 block of N. Westmoreland Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-09104001, 2000 block of N. Vermont Road

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 2022-09114001, 400 block of N. Kenmore Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-09114002, 4200 block of Campbell Avenue

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 2022-09114004, 2400 block of Washington Boulevard

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 2022-09114006, 900 block of N. Nelson Road

FRAUD, 2022-09114008, 2500 block of N. Upland Road

LARCENY, 2022-09114009, 3000 block of Columbia Pike

LARCENY, 2022-09114010, 700 block of N. Glebe Street

LARCENY, 2022-09114011, 1500 block of N. Colonial Courtroom

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 2022-09114012, 5000 block of eleventh Road S.

LARCENY, 2022-09114013, 2000 block of 14th Road N.

LARCENY, 2022-09124002, 200 block of S. Carlin Springs Street

LARCENY, 2022-09124003, 1500 block of twelfth Road N.

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