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George Blanda Tom Brady

George Blanda Tom Brady. We all age, some do so more graciously than others, of course. During last night’s tampa bay buccaneers and washington football team wild card game, nbc flashed a graphic comparing tom brady to legendary oakland raiders quarterback george blanda. Tom Brady Blanda Tom Brady Outduels Taylor Heinicke Leads from embieber-imaginebelieber.blogspot.com He is also the… Read More »

Tom Brady George Blanda

Tom Brady George Blanda. George blanda is the oldest player in nfl history. He is older than both coaches currently leading their teams in the super bowl (zac taylor is 38, sean mcvay is. See This Photo of Tom Brady and Blanda Both 43. WOW News Break from www.newsbreak.com Blanda, when he was 43 years and 108 days… Read More »