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Center Channel Frequency Range

Center Channel Frequency Range. The stereo imagery > center channel extractor effect keeps or removes frequencies that are common to both the left and right channels—in other words, sounds that are panned center. Predefined ranges include male voice, female voice, bass, and full spectrum. Microwave Frequency Band Choice and RF Channel Arrangements from teltechinsight.blogspot.com There are many considerations—price,… Read More »

Center Channel Crossover Frequency

Center Channel Crossover Frequency. 80hz is the default crossover frequency (taken from thx specs). I was saying 80hz because that's the most recommended, and 120hz because is the lowest frequency reponse for my speaker :yes::yes: HighEnd Home Theater Center Channel Speaker Loudspeaker BUILTTOORDER from www.ebay.com Aim it up towards your ceiling. Male voice fundamentals average * only 130… Read More »