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Decentering Romantic Relationships

Decentering Romantic Relationships. Relationships are failing, the majority of marriages end in divorce and the ones that manage to survive the tumultuous roller coaster of emotional evisceration, distill into crippling codependence. Today we’re talking about valentine’s day, the origins, some stats, my best/worst valentines days, and the art of decentering romantic relationships. Decenter DoesStuff YouTube from www.youtube.com Alternatively,… Read More »

Mercury Retrograde 2022 And Relationships

Mercury Retrograde 2022 And Relationships. These cycles shape our cultural interests. And what better way to celebrate than with…mercury retrograde. When is Mercury retrograde in 2022? DailyNationToday from ilmhunt.com How january 2022 full moon will affect our relationships | news. How the january 2022 full moon affects our relationships. I didn’t notice any unusual communication or technological issues… Read More »

Dating Apps 2022 For Serious Relationships

Dating Apps 2022 For Serious Relationships. It is usually without the dedication of a relationship. If you’re really into astrology and want to find a match that’s compatible with your birth chart, stars align is a dating app that you may want to try in 2022. New Dating App Bumble is the ‘NonCreepy’ Tinder StyleCaster from stylecaster.com Filter… Read More »

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Relationships

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Relationships. Not only has venus been retrograde in capricorn — spurring slowdowns and inner work around relationships, beauty, and money — since 19 december 2021, but the first mercury retrograde of 2022 began on friday, 14 january 2022 in the fixed air sign aquarius, symbolised by the water bearer. Plus, from that position the other… Read More »