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January 18, 2023

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Mapped: Most Significant Resources of Electrical Energy by State and also District

On a nationwide range, the USA and also Canada rely upon a really various make-up of resources to create their power.

The united state mainly makes use of gas, coal, and also nuclear power, while Canada relies upon both hydro and also nuclear. That claimed, when focusing on the district or state degree, specific key power resources can vary substantially.

Right here’s a take a look at the power generation in the states and also districts of these 2 nations making use of information from the Atomic energy Institute (2021) and also the Canada Power Regulatory Authority (2019 ).


Gas is commonly utilized for power generation in the USA. Referred to as a “cleaner” nonrenewable fuel source, its wealth, paired with a well established nationwide circulation network and also fairly inexpensive, makes it the leading power resource in the nation.

In 2021, 38% of the 4120 terawatt-hours (TWh) of power created in the united state originated from gas. Not remarkably, greater than 40% of American states have gas as their greatest power resource.

Right here are some states that have the biggest shares of all-natural gas-sourced power.

% of Electrical Energy from Gas
Rhode Island

In Canada, gas is just the third-biggest power resource (behind hydro and also nuclear), bookkeeping for 11% of the 632 TWh of power created in 2019. Alberta is the only district with gas as its major resource of power.


Nuclear power is a carbon-free power resource that comprises a significant share of the power created in both the united state and also Canada.

19% of America’s and also 15% of Canada’s power originates from nuclear power. While the portions are close to each other, it’s great to keep in mind that the USA creates 6 to 7 times much more power than Canada annually, generating a whole lot much more nuclear power than Canada in regards to gigawatt hrs (GWh) annually.

As seen in the map, lots of states and also districts with nuclear as their major resource of power are focused in the eastern fifty percent of both nations.

In the United State, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and also South Carolina are leading manufacturers in regards to GWh/year. Illinois and also South Carolina likewise have nuclear as their key power resource, whereas Pennsylvania’s power manufacturing from gas surpasses that from nuclear.

The huge bulk of Canada’s atomic power plants (18 of 19) remain in Ontario, with the 19th in New Brunswick. Both of these districts rely upon nuclear as their greatest resource of power.

Renewables: Hydro, Wind and also Solar

Out of the various sorts of eco-friendly power resources, hydro is one of the most common in The United States and Canada. As an example, 60% of Canada’s and also 6% of the united state’s power originates from hydropower.

Right here are the states and also districts that have hydro as their greatest resource of power.

% of Electrical Energy from Hydro
Newfoundland and also Labrador
British Columbia
Northwest Territories

Wind and also solar energy jointly consist of a little percent of overall power created in both nations. While no state or district relies upon solar as its greatest resource of power, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and also South Dakota depend mainly on wind for their power, in addition to Canada’s Royal prince Edward Island (PEI).

Coal and also Oil

Coal and also oil are emission-heavy power resources still common in The United States and Canada.

Presently, 22% of America’s and also 7% of Canada’s power originates from coal, with locations such as Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia, Saskatchewan, and also Nova Scotia still relying upon coal as their greatest resources of power.

Specific areas likewise make use of oil to create their power. Although its usage for this function is decreasing, it is still the greatest resource of power in both Hawaii and also Nunavut.

Over the following couple of years, it will certainly interest observe using these nonrenewable fuel sources for power generation in the united state and also Canada. In spite of the distinctions in environment dedications in between both nations, decreasing coal and also oil-related discharges might be a crucial component of striking decarbonization targets in a prompt way.

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