AEW All Out 2022: Outcomes, Dwell Updates and Match Scores

September 5, 2022

The AEW Tag Staff Championship match noticed Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee retain their titles in a terrific match. 

Anthony Bowens and Max Caster have been the clear crowd favorites — everyone loves The Acclaimed! Within the opening minutes of the match, when Caster was mat wrestling with Swerve Strickland, the group united in an “oh, scissor me daddy” chant.

Lee started working like a heel minutes into the bout. After a second enormous “scissor me daddy” chant, Lee prolonged his hand to Caster. When Caster went to shake it, Lee punched Caster within the face, incomes a bathe of boos — and a “you’ll be able to’t scissor” chant.

That started a warmth sequence the place Swerve and Lee beat down on Caster. Finally, Caster was in a position to get a top-rope stunner on Lee , which allowed him to tag in Bowens. Bowens was gaining momentum in opposition to Swerve when he attemped to leap off the second rope. Bowens’ knee buckled, and he started promoting his knee — and doing an awesome job. 

This started an awesome section of the match the place Swerve and later Lee labored over Bowens’ knee. Swerve did a candy baseball slide dropkick to Bowens on the skin, however as a substitute of kicking Bowens’ head he kicked his knee. Swerve in Our Glory did a tandem offense the place they did a Backbreaker-type transfer, however on Bowens knee as a substitute.

Bowens hulked as much as Lee, combating again and touchdown a Blockbuster Neckbreaker from the center rope. He tagged in Caster, and the 2 managed to hit a large Superplex on Keith Lee from the highest rope. Earlier than they did, although, Swerve tagged himself in. He hit a Swervestomp on Bowens for a nearfall — the group misplaced its thoughts when Bowens kicked out. Swerve tried getting Bowens in a Half Crab submission, however Caster broke it up with a springboard Missile Dropkick — once more the group went wild.

Caster hit a Mic Drop elbow from the turnbuckle to Swerve on the skin. On the within, Lee began putting Caster. Billy Gunn obtained on the apron to confront Lee, inflicting a distraction that allowed Caster to hoist Lee on his shoulders and hit a John Cena-style Perspective Adjustment. Caster then landed one other Mic Drop on Swerve in the course of the ring for a 2.9 rely that was damaged up by Lee on the final millisecond. This was a unbelievable false end — everybody thought The Acclaimed received, and crowd chanted “bullshit” after they realized the match wasn’t over.

The ultimate minutes of the match have been unimaginable. Swerve took Caster out for good by dropping him with a Burning Hammer slam on the apron. That left an injured Bowens alone within the ring with Lee and Swerve. Large spot the place Swerve went for a excessive kick, however Bowens dodged it thanks solely to his knee giving out, resulting in the kick hitting Lee. Bowens Superkicked Bowens and rolled up Lee for one more nearfall, however Lee kicked out. 

Lee obtained Bowens on his shoulders in an Electrical Chair place, and Swerve hit the Swervestomp on Bowens for the win. The gang chanted “bullshit”.

Ranking: 4.75 stars. There isn’t any query that the strikes within the Trios match have been cooler than what we noticed on this match, however this tag staff championship bout advised a narrative that the viewers was hooked on. 

The gang was dying to see The Acclaimed win the gold. The entire second half of the match was constructed round a storyline damage, and Bowens labored it to perfection. The Acclaimed in all probability ought to have received, however that is a kind of matches the place everybody comes out twice as robust as they got here in. One of the best factor on the present thus far. 

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