August 18, 2022 – Authorities Site of Arlington Region Virginia Federal Government

August 18, 2022

Released on August 18, 2022

This record is released every weekday, other than Region vacations. The info in each record covers substantial criminal events normally from the day prior to; records released on Monday cover the coming before Friday, Saturday as well as Sunday. Some events might show up a day or 2 after the event. This record is not a thorough checklist of every authorities occasion in Arlington Region in the mentioned period. Addresses revealed show blocks as well as general addresses. To learn more on criminal offense in your location, see our on-line criminal offense mapping device.

Note: Details had in the Daily Criminal activity Record is normally based upon preliminary records made to the Cops Division. Follow-up examinations might disclose various or added info. All people apprehended or billed with a criminal offense are assumed innocent till tested guilty in a law court as well as costs might be modified throughout the court process. For situation condition info, check out Virginia’s Judicial System web site.


TRIED CARJACKING, 2022-08170233, 200 block of 18th Road S. At roughly 10:21 p.m. on August 18, a patrol police officer was flagged down by the sufferer that reported a tried carjacking. Upon arrival, it was established the sufferer remained in his parked car when the suspicious approached his guest side door. The suspicious required the sufferer unlock the cars and truck door as well as had what seemed a feasible gun in his pocket. The sufferer repelled at which time he observed 2 various other feasible suspects run away the scene walking with the very first suspect. Suspect One is called a Black man, roughly 6’0, putting on a mask as well as a black hoodie. Presume 2 as well as 3 are called Black men putting on all dark apparel. No injuries were reported. The examination is recurring.

ATTACK AS WELL AS BATTERY, 2022-08160151, 4100 block of S. 4 Mile Run Drive

RISKS, 2022-08170023, 2000 block of N. Adams Road

LARCENY FROM AUTOMOBILE, 2022-08170052, 3400 block of S. Utah Road

ATTACK AS WELL AS BATTERY, 2022-08170062, 2700 block of 24th Roadway S.

ATTACK AS WELL AS BATTERY, 2022-08170117, 2000 block of N. Adams Road

ATTACK AS WELL AS BATTERY, 2022-08170145, 1200 block of S. Brush Road

LARCENY FROM AUTOMOBILE, 2022-08170244, 25th Road S. at S. Eads Road


SCAMS, 2022-08174002, 1400 block of S. Eads Road

DEVASTATIONS OF HOME, 2022-08174005, 2000 block of N. Harrison Road

DEVASTATIONS OF HOME, 2022-08174006, 2900 block of 4th Road N.

DEVASTATIONS OF HOME, 2022-08174007, 3900 block of Fairfax Drive

LARCENY, 2022-08174010, 1100 block of S. Hayes Road

DUBIOUS SCENARIOS, 2022-08174011, 600 block of 22nd Road S.

LARCENY, 2022-08174012, 1400 block of 28th Road S.

SCAMS, 2022-08174013, 1500 block of N. Stafford Road

IDENTIFICATION BURGLARY, 2022-08174014, 3000 block of S. Randolph Road

HARRASSMENT, 2022-08174015, 3600 block of N. Pershing Drive

DUBIOUS SCENARIOS, 2022-08174016, 2300 block of Wilson Blvd

LARCENY, 2022-08174017, 2400 block of Langston Blvd

IDENTIFICATION BURGLARY, 2022-08174019, 6200 block of 30th Road N.

LARCENY, 2022-08174020, 1700 block of N. Troy Road

LARCENY, 2022-08184021, 600 block of N. Greenbrier Road

IDENTIFICATION BURGLARY, 2022-08184002, 5700 block of 25th Road N. 

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