December 2, 2022– Authorities Site of Arlington Region Virginia Federal Government

December 2, 2022

Released on December 02, 2022

This record is released every weekday, other than Region vacations. The info in each record covers considerable criminal events usually from the day prior to; records released on Monday cover the coming before Friday, Saturday as well as Sunday. Some events might show up a day or more after the event. This record is not a thorough listing of every authorities occasion in Arlington Region in the specified period. Addresses revealed show blocks as well as general addresses. To learn more on criminal activity in your location, see our on-line criminal activity mapping device.

Note: Details included in the Daily Criminal activity Record is usually based upon preliminary records made to the Authorities Division. Follow-up examinations might disclose various or extra info. All people detained or billed with a criminal activity are assumed innocent till tried and tested guilty in a law court as well as costs might be modified throughout the court process. For instance standing info, go to Virginia’s Judicial System internet site.


TOOLS INFRACTION, 2022-12010206, 1100 block of S. Hayes Road. At about 3:14 p.m. on December 1, authorities were sent off to the record of a larceny simply happened. Upon arrival, it was identified both unidentified suspects got in a shop, chosen product as well as left without paying. A staff member complied with the suspects right into the parking lot where they got in an automobile driven by a 3rd person. Suspect One after that rolled down the home window as well as showed a gun. The worker ran as well as the suspects left the scene in the automobile. Suspect One is called a Black man, about 20-25 years of ages, 6′ 0″, putting on a black beanie, blue face mask, black hoodie, as well as grey trousers. Think 2 is called a light-skin Black man, about 5′ 10″. The suspicious automobile is called a black pickup with hefty colored home windows. The examination is recurring.

PUBLIC INDECENCY, 2022-12020007, 1400 block of 12th Road N. At about 10:50 p.m. on December 1, authorities were sent off to the record of a public indecency. Upon arrival, it was identified the target was inside her home when she kept an eye out her home window as well as observed an unidentified male suspicious masturbating. The target moved for the suspect to leave as well as he left the scene walking. Responding policemans canvassed the location for the suspicious yielding adverse outcomes. The suspect is called a hefty collection Black man, about 20-30 years of ages, putting on a light weaved hat as well as a flannel tee shirt. The examination is recurring.

DESTRUCTIVE WOUNDING (Late), 2022-12020029, 3500 block of N. Valley Road. At about 12:06 a.m. on December 2, authorities were sent off to the Inova Alexandria Health center for the late record of an attack. Upon arrival, it was identified at about 10:00 a.m. on December 1, the recognized suspicious struck the target, triggering him to be up to the ground. The target later on looked for therapy for major, non-life harmful injuries suffered throughout the occurrence. The target was given with info regarding the procedure of getting warrants. The examination is recurring.

BREAK-IN (late), 2022-12010128, 5800 block of 27 th Road N. At about 11:14 a.m. on December 1, authorities were sent off to the late record of a larceny from vehicle. Upon arrival, it was identified the unidentified suspicious got in an open garage, searched with 2 automobiles as well as took an unrevealed quantity of money. There is no suspicious summary. The examination is recurring.

LARCENY FROM CAR, 2022-11300094, 1600 block of McKinley Roadway

LARCENY FROM CAR, 2022-11300209, 1400 block of S. Joyce Road

HARASSMENT, 2022-11300259, 800 block of S. Ivy Road

ELUDING, 2022-12010031, S. Hayes Road at Military Navy Drive

THEFT, 2022-12010173, 1200 block of S. Hayes Road

THEFT, 2022-12010189, 1200 block of S. Hayes Road

LARCENY FROM CAR, 2022-12010193, 200 block of 20 th Road S.

LARCENY, 2022-12010215, 1000 block of S. Hayes Road


12/01/22, VA WNR4026, 2010 Hyundai Genesis, Black
3900 block of 14 th Road S.

12/01/22, VA UDY2392, 2009 Volkswagen Passat, Black
2800 block of 20 th Road S.


SCAMS, 2022-12014007, 3100 block of N. Pollard Road

LARCENY, 2022-12014008, 5300 block of Yorktown Blvd

LARCENY FROM CAR, 2022-12014009, 300 block of 23 rd Road S.

LARCENY, 2022-12014010, 3500 block of S. Clark Road

LARCENY, 2022-12014011, 2200 block of N. Glebe Roadway

LARCENY FROM CAR, 2022-12014012, 5300 block of 37 th Road N.

DEVASTATIONS OF RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, 2022-12014013, 2600 block of Richmond Freeway

QUESTIONABLE SITUATIONS, 2022-12024001, 3600 block of 9 th Road S.

LARCENY, 2022-12024002, 2300 block of N. Vanburen Court


LARCENY, 2022-12024005, 2300 block of Columbia Pike

LARCENY FROM CAR, 2022-12024006, 4400 block of N. Pershing Drive

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