Indie Limelight: August 2022

August 20, 2022

In our regular monthly thematic summary of BookLife titles, we include sci-fi and also dream stories.

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Kid’s/YA Dream & Science Fiction


Kandi J Wyatt


Regarding guide: What would certainly you provide to be a dragon biker and also wed the princess? Hest will certainly do anything to conserve his kingdom and also his betrothed. Honored is the 2nd publication in the coming-of-age dream collection 4 Stars over Ardatz: Sovereigns.

Writer declaration: “4 Stars over Ardatz: Sovereigns began as a narrative suggestion from my professional photographer other half. He had a suggestion of informing the tale of a queen heading right into fight. When I mosted likely to compose the tale he developed, I understood there was a personality missing out on—the other half. Brightlands (Rooted Out, Honored, and also Lofty) informs the other half’s tale, while Divided Crowns (Solved, Figured Out, and also Split) informs the queen’s tale in addition to their child’s.”

Eudora Room Youngster: The Terrific Engine Space Requisition

David Horn

ISBN 978-1-73667-740-7

Regarding guide: The very first in a brand-new collection of very early viewers sci-fi phase publications for elementary-aged youngsters. Meet Eudora Jenkins, the mathematics and also scientific research whiz that resides in room!

Writer declaration: “I began these publications as dinnertime stories to my 2 elementary-aged children. I wished to make them laugh so hard that milk appeared of their noses. I likewise wished to develop a globe around a girl heroine that caught their creative imaginations and also made STEM appear enjoyable. All that simply to obtain them to rest and also consume their veggies!”

Gemma Calvertson and also the Woodland of Anguish

Ryan Hoyt

ISBN 978-1-66412-858-3

Regarding guide: When background is readied to duplicate itself and also no one is delegated check out the indication, a young chronicler lays out to quit the climbing darkness with the aid of an aged hero.

Writer declaration: “I started outlining this book in 2014, a year prior to Celebrity Wars: The Pressure Awakens appeared. I place it on hold when I was afraid the stories were as well comparable (only mine was a nod to Tolkien), yet I couldn’t release it. As the tale progressed, I understood it was absolutely nothing like that movie and also conquered my concerns.”

Secret of the Dragon Egg

N.A. Davenport

ISBN 978-1-73534-451-5

Regarding guide: When Will’s household depletes on a wonderful island after a tornado, they locate themselves in a globe full of unusual individuals, unsafe pets, and also magnificent dragons. When Will certainly uncovers a gold dragon egg, he quickly understands he’s come across something larger than himself.

Writer declaration: “I’ve constantly liked dragons. Skyrocketing easily on the wings of a mighty, fire-breathing monster has actually reached be just one of the global musings of all dream fans. Also C.S. Lewis, that commonly repainted dragons as wicked animals, handled to press a dragon-riding scene right into the Chronicles of Narnia.”

Sword and also Sorcery: Frostfire

Ethan Avery


Regarding guide: Erevan has an issue. He matured on the ruthless roads of Bogudos and also has the marks to verify it. His buddy is embeded prison due to his blunder. However when a questionable carrier provides him an opportunity to deal with points, should he raise his sword and also trip throughout treacherous lands to help her reason?

Writer declaration: “I rely on the power of tales. As a youngster maturing in the Midwest, they offered me an opportunity to see a larger globe and also to hear what life resembled for individuals that didn’t appear like me or think what I did. And also currently, years later on, I want to do the exact same for others.”

The Means of the River (Kellandale Timber #1)

Shan L. Spyker

ISBN 978-1-73661-970-4

Regarding guide: After Tillie coaxes her uneasy older sis, Elinora, to join her, they take a trip deep right into the unusual and also strange timber. There, beside an effective river, they find a shuddering, deserted wolfhound puppy seeking aid—and also a woodland including sentient animals.

Writer declaration: “In a globe experiencing greed, dangers of pet termination, social oppression, and also dangers to the setting, The Means of the River reviews the value of valuing our very own interconnectedness to nature, to each other, and also to all living beings.”

Dream Experience

Dark Virtue (The Celebrity Seer’s Prediction #1)

Rahima Warren

ISBN 978-0-9816278-3-0

Regarding guide: In an old globe of blood sorcery and also recovery magic, the Soul-Drinker, a ferocious necromancer king, is draining pipes the life from the hearts of individuals and also of the Planet itself. Even worse yet, he has actually gotten rid of the land’s rightful Siren and also interrupted the Spiritual Equilibrium, sending out the temporal and also magnificent worlds swirling towards devastation. The only wish for redemption is a young people called Kyr, birthed and also increased as one of the Soul-Drinker’s thoughtlessly loyal shackled.

Writer declaration: “Once, I was a therapist, minding my very own company, and also seeing my customers. After that someday in December 1999, I created a little tale in my journal. The suggestion was to list this internal personality’s tale, so he’d quit pestering me. Large blunder!”

The Daydreamer and also the Significant

Airic Fenn

ISBN 978-0-578-31412-9

Regarding guide: The Daydreamer and also the Significant is a dark dream book in which the primary personality, Krystal, complies with an unfamiliar person, Draqa, to the world of the fae after he informs her she has faerish blood. Just after getting here does she recognize that this isn’t fairly the experience she planned on.

Writer declaration: “This publication was a 10-year-long interest job that slowly tackled a life of its very own. Within the tale, I discover concerns such as bigotry and also the various tones of grey that can exist in between one’s precepts and also one’s activities, particularly when attempting to cause transform to a culture that’s embeded in its means.”

Godfrey’s Campaign

Mark Howard

ISBN 978-1-08-798204-5

Regarding guide: Godfrey’s Campaign is an Arthurian dream and also is the very first publication in the Lion Legends collection.

Writer declaration: “This tale resided in the dark edges of my mind for several years, yet it took a while to buckle down regarding composing it. I invested a long period of time stressing over specific information regarding the worldbuilding, and also I constantly discovered myself as well active to compose. Ultimately, I informed myself I simply required to make the moment, list the most effective suggestions I contended the minute, and also modify out the even worse suggestions later on. It took 5 years to compose Godfrey’s Campaign, yet my only remorse is not beginning faster!”


Lara Lee

ISBN 978-1-5391-8138-5

Regarding guide: When Fall, a human from our globe, examines an only door in the timbers, she is propelled right into a faerie world ruled by the wicked wizard Maldamien. Promptly, she is cursed to appear like a youngster with her memories eliminated. She should depend upon an academic satyr, Puck, to assist damage menstruation and also unwind the enigmas bordering her, consisting of the image she holds of the missing out on faerie Queen.

Writer declaration: Gryphendale is an initial fairy tale for young people and also grownups alike. As a writer with dyslexia, my publications concentrate on heroes conquering troubles without being one of the most skilled, one of the most experienced, or perhaps the predestined hero. They are publications regarding perseverance and also hope.”

The Last Royal Prince

E.G. Radcliff

ISBN 978-1-73367-334-1

Regarding guide: In an infernal city, the destiny of a young kid hinges on the actual point he is afraid most. Burglarized of his childhood years by catastrophe and also dishonesty and also required onto the roads in a globe of gangs and also fae, just fierceness makes young Ninian feeling entire—and also he is greater than going to defend his life. When he fulfills a crimson-eyed unfamiliar person, a young boy so busted he rejects also to talk, Ninian does not think he has the capability to care. He is incorrect. Which will certainly transform whatever.

Writer declaration: “My very first publication, The Hidden King, come from a desire and also expanded as I started composing. As I was familiar with my personalities, I understood that there was even more to Ninian which visitors would certainly like to understand even more regarding him. Therefore, The Last Royal Prince came to be the beginning tale for the collection. I compose due to the fact that it makes me really feel entire, it makes me seem like all me. It’s basing. It’s my facility.”

On These Black Sands

Vanessa Rasanen

ISBN 978-1-73276-523-8

Regarding guide: He doesn’t mind eliminating individuals—he simply likes to do it on his very own terms. However the pirates have no say in that they eliminate on this island. The council orders. The pirates comply with. This plan has actually maintained Declan from establishing foot on these coasts for many years, up until a little misfortune pressures him to return.

Writer declaration: On These Black Sands was my very first venture right into composing dream, and also this publication extended me as an author, pressing me to quit my plotter means to welcome the mayhem that is pantsing a tale.”

A Thousand Li: The 3rd Kingdom

Tao Wong

ISBN 978-1-77855-022-5

Regarding guide: Lengthy Wu Ying has actually been gotten rid of from the Verdant Eco-friendly Seas Sect for resisting the orders of the Elders. Required to verify himself in the external globe prior to he is enabled to return, Wu Ying starts a trip that will certainly have him checking out old haunts and also a brand-new kingdom.

Writer declaration: “Creating a continuous collection is constantly intriguing, particularly when you begin a brand-new arc. In this situation, Wu Ying leaves the acquainted boundaries of his never-ceasing growing sect and also trips right into a brand-new kingdom. As a result of that, I required to present brand-new allies and also adversaries while maintaining the concentrate on our lead character. In this situation, I selected to obtain from an additional category, particularly the murder secret, while covering the whole experience in an acquainted xianxia trope of a dealing with event.”

The Wolf’s Tooth

J. Steven Lamperti

ISBN 978-1-73459-744-8

Regarding guide: Coming to be a participant of a pack of wolves is simply the very first step on Twee’s maturing in the enchanting kingdom of Liamec. Indentured and also required to function as a blacksmith’s pupil, Twee bears in mind the liberty of the woodlands. Will Vix, the flame-haired road urchin that requires him as high as he requires her, assist him run away?

Writer declaration: The Wolf’s Tooth began with the photo of a bumbling infant kid strolling right into a dark woodland. The tale expanded from there.”

Dream Love

Bed of Rose and also Thorns

Lee Quest

ISBN 978-1777973438

Regarding guide: Sir Ezra is an Elysian Bell; he has a frightening possibility that he maintains covert deep under limited layers of steel shield. He privately likes a dark queen whose touch would certainly suggest his fatality.

Writer declaration: Bed of Rose and also Thorns is a workout in discovering the power of sensations—love, specifically—at the exact same time that it analyzes the hard life of an overscheduled women chief executive officer, the Queen.”

The Fire Royal Prince (Qurilixen Lords)

Michelle M. Cushion

ISBN 978-1-62501-279-1

Regarding guide: Captivating a dragon royal prince could be her individuals’s only hope. Regrettable the good-looking shifter might be greater than she can manage.

Writer declaration: “Qurilixen Lords is the most up to date collection installation in my interconnected Qurilixen globe. It consists of a comprehensive collection of paranormal, dream, and also sci-fi love stories.”

Foxen Flower

Parker Foye

ISBN 978-1-919611-51-8

Regarding guide: A queer dream love starring a woodland god and also a male that obtains greater than he wished, Foxen Flower starts when human Previous applications horned god Fenton for his help in conserving Prior’s sis. A bargain is struck—supplying Previous aids to eliminate Fenton’s brother or sister consequently. Foxen Flower has to do with the important things we provide for the household we locate. It’s about magic, hope, and also consuming your adversaries. It’s about, for one reason or another, goats.

Writer declaration: “There aren’t adequate queer fairytale, and also definitely inadequate where the beasts obtain a delighted ever before after! With Foxen Flower, I wished to discover ‘typical’ dream setups and also themes, yet for discovering the story from a various point of view.”

Enchanting Thrillers

Tradition Witches

Cass Kay


Regarding guide: Originating from a lengthy line of homicidal witches hasn’t specifically been sunlight and also rainbows for Vianna Origins. When she acquires the household’s haunted residence after her mommy passes away, she determines turning the run-down dump is her most intelligent action—yet the ghosts that haunt her have a various strategy.

Writer declaration: “Although narration is a consuming pastime for me, I have actually meddled ancestry for over 15 years. I’m obliged by my forefathers; the lives they lived and also the blood I’m recognized to show them makes me really feel a little much less unimportant in a large globe. So it ought to come as not a surprise that there was a genuine Susannah Origins that was, without a doubt, implicated of being a witch throughout the notorious tests that trembled Salem, Massachusetts. And also, yes, you presumed it—she’s my forefather.”

Sci-Fi Experience

Imperial Knight

James Evans


Regarding guide: In a realm of 20 million globes, a boy lays out to come to be a royal knight. A captain of realm and also master of lots of professions, the freshly increased royal knight emulates unusual battles, robotic assassins, terrorism, and also political intrigue in the actual heart of the imperium.

Writer declaration: “I fell for the Dune and also Structure stories as a child, particularly the concept of a realm that straddles the celebrities and also all the social and also political intricacy imagined in such an organization—it supplies a large sandbox to both test the creativity and also analyze the lots of aspects of the human problem. With Imperial Knight and also the Humani collection that will certainly follow it, I mean to open up a door right into an impressive brand-new globe that attains these objectives.”

The Segonian (Aldebarian Partnership #2)

Dianne Duvall

ISBN 978-1-957006-03-1

Regarding guide: Eliana’s life has actually never ever been what one may call regular. At the very least, it hasn’t been for a long time. As an effective Immortal Guardian, she invests her evenings searching and also slaying psychotic vampires that a lot of humankind doesn’t also recognize exist. After that a possibility emerges that promptly makes her amazing presence appear downright dull.

Writer declaration: “The Aldebarian Partnership collection is a spin-off of my successful Never-ceasing Guardians collection.”

Those Left

N.C. Scrimgeour

ISBN 978-1-83845-991-8

Regarding guide: Time is going out for individuals of New Pallas. No one understands that much better than Alvera Renata, a solid captain identified to look past the celebrities with only a carefully picked staff and also a guarantee: to locate a brand-new residence for humankind. However when a dangerous trip throughout dark room causes very first call with a stellar world on the verge of battle, Alvera quickly understands maintaining her word may not be as simple as she assumed.

Writer declaration: “This action-packed science fiction is a love letter to all the sci-fi tales I’ve delighted in for many years.”

Sci-Fi Thrillers

Cromby’s Axiom

Gary J. Kirchner

ISBN 978-1-5255-9608-7

Regarding guide: When Tommy Pierre Antikagamac, the globe’s most prominent star, is instantly removed from the Hive and also caught by free-thinking rebels, the strange vacuum and also silence of his unattached mind practically drives him crazy. In time, nevertheless, he pertains to welcome the old-fashioned ideas of personal privacy, originality, and also unenhanced psychological images—and also to despise the Hive.

Writer declaration: “I’ve taken fads in modern-day culture and also theorized them right into the future. The outcome is a troubling glance of where we are heading. I needed to release this publication currently, due to the fact that I hesitated that in 15 years individuals would certainly review it and also just claim ‘What’s the large offer?’ ”


Bradford Tatum

ISBN 978-0-9844896-4-0

Regarding guide: Willoughby, recognized back in the world as “the East Hamptons of the Kuiper Belt System,” is the very first lasting swarm on Mars. Constructed by the strange geneticist Carlo Yakamura, this negotiation enables the abundant to delight in decadent residences, literally flexible companions, dishes based upon their finest memories, and also shop kids recognized on Willoughby as Builds. Also amongst the distinctly talented Builds, Lo is distinct. And also distinctly out of balance.

Writer declaration: “I created Lo with the purpose of bringing the human back to sci-fi. In a style significantly suffused with dystopian AI and also rogue modern technology, I wished to discover an innovative future in hopeless demand of humanizing rationality, treatment, regard, understanding, and also love.”

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