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17 December Kurdistan Flag Day

17 December Kurdistan Flag Day. Anniversary of 11 march agreement (1970) 14 march: Kurdistan flag day is marked annually on 17 december. Kurdistan Flag Day 2018 Cadmus™ International School Duhok from cadmusduhok.sabis.net The flag was created in 1920 by the society for the rise of kurdistan (ctk). The kurds (kurdish people) are an ethnic group in the middle… Read More »

Happy Flag Day Kurdistan

Happy Flag Day Kurdistan. Kurdistan flag day december 17 of each year is the kurdistan flag day, designated by the kurdistan region parliament in 2009. Kurdistan flag day is celebrated annually on december 17 since 2009 when the parliament of the kurdistan region of iraq passed a law to commemorate the kurdistan republic, also known as the mahabad… Read More »

Happy Kurdistan Flag Day

Happy Kurdistan Flag Day. Kurdistan flag daydecember 17thproduced by the krg representation in the united states I woke up in the morning and saw many beautiful flags of kurdistan around the city of hawler , people are wearing kurdish clothes with a big flag of kurdistan on their shoulders. Kurdistan Flag Day 17 December Erbil Lifestyle from erbillifestyle.com… Read More »