Day 3 Finals Live Wrap-up

November 20, 2022


The last session of the Wolfpack Invite is right here and also will certainly include a ladies’s sprint face-off in between just Stanford and also NC swimmers in the 100 complimentary last. Olympian Torri Huske of Stanford and also Katharine Berkoff of NC State lead the area after prelims today. Berkoff will certainly have a hard double-swim after contending in the 200 back previously this session, yet it worked out for her today. Arizona elders controlled the guys’s 100 complimentary prelims race with a 1-2-3 surface led by Max McCusker, yet it will certainly still be a tossup for that will certainly obtain their hand to the wall surface initially in finals.

There allow names in the 200 fly finals tonight: united state Junior National Staff member Charlotte Hook of Stanford leads the females’s occasion up until now yet Arizona State’s Lindsay Looney was close behind her in prelims. Arizona State’s Leon Marchand has actually gotten on fire at this fulfill and also he regulated the 200 fly in prelims.

Stanford Olympian Claire Curzan is the front runner in the 200 back tonight by a complete 3 secs as she seeks to break the 2:50.00 mark. It will likely be a limited race on the guys’s side with Stanford elderly Leon MacAliste r as the front runner, directly in advance of NC State elderly Seeker Tapp

There will certainly likewise be finals of the 1650 complimentary, 200 bust, and also 400 complimentary relay tonight.

Female’s 1650 Free– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 15:52.41
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 16:16.47

Leading 8:

  1. Aurora Roghair (Stanford)– 16:09.84
  2. Brooke Travis (NC State)– 16:18.38
  3. Yara Hierath (NC State)– 16:20.40
  4. Emma Hastings (NC State)– 16:24.22
  5. Katherine Randall (ASU)– 16:30.83
  6. Kay Foley (NC State)– 16:37.54
  7. Yi Xuan Chang (Fight It Out)– 16:38.37
  8. Morgan Moore (Penn State)– 16:43.11

Stanford student Aurora Roghair remained in initially at the 500 with a 4:53.61 split and afterwards she simply maintained going, holding 29-mid’s constantly to safeguard the win by virtually 9 secs. This was a fantastic swim for Roghair that blew up a 16:01.55 to position 2nd in this occasion at the 2022 Pac-12 Champions. NC State upperclassmen Brooke Travis and also Yara Hierath had a close fight to the completed with Travis eventually outtouching Hierath by 2 secs. Hierath was surrounding Travis on the last 50, splitting a 29.80 to Travis’ 30.15 yet the space she needed to shut was as well large.

This was a reasonably young last with freshers taking 4th, 5th, and also 8th location.

Guy’s 1650 Free– Timed Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 14:37.31
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 14:55.21

Leading 8:

  1. Ross Dant (NC State)– 14:44.87
  2. Will Certainly Gallant (NC State)– 14:51.52
  3. Daniel Matheson (ASU)– 14:54.68
  4. James Plage (NC State)– 14:55.45
  5. Eduardo Cisternas (Penn State)– 15:16.25
  6. Dylan Seriously (ASU)– 15:16.74
  7. Gabe Machado (Stanford)– 15:17.91
  8. Parker Reynolds (ASU)– 15:20.29

NC State elderly Ross Dant simply blew up the third-fastest time in the nation to insurance claim top place, simply behind Victor Johansson (14:39.63) at the Art Adamson Welcome and also Jake Magahey (14:44.58) at the UGA Welcome. Dant positioned 3rd in this occasion at the 2022 NCAA Champions with a 14:31.74 behind his colleague Will Certainly Gallant that took second location tonight. ASU student Daniel Matheson finished the platform in 3rd location, yet he needed to repel Plage to do it. Plage led Matheson at the 1600 mark, yet Matheson divided a 26.36 on the last 50 to out touch him.

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FEMALE’S 200 BACK– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 1:50.50
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 1:53.97

Leading 8:

  1. Claire Curzan (Stanford)– 1:48.50
  2. Taylor Ruck (Stanford)– 1:51.66
  3. Emma Muzzy (NC State)– 1:52.22
  4. Kennedy Noble (NC State)– 1:52.58
  5. Natalie Mannion (Stanford)– 1:53.82
  6. Lucie Nordmann (Stanford)– 1:54.77
  7. Katey Lewicki (NC State)– 1:56.05
  8. Easop Lee (Fight It Out)– 1:57.56

Fresher Claire Curzan teased the 1:50.00 mark in prelims with a 1:50.20, yet she destroyed it in finals. This fulfill is her very first time wearing for a 200 back in university and also she defeated her life time ideal time from December 2020 by around.80 to develop herself as the # 10 united state entertainer of all-time in case. Curzan opened up the race in 25.31 and also do with a last 50 split of 28.07 to declare initially. Her elderly colleague Taylor Ruck likewise defeated her prelims time, by virtually 2 secs.

GUY’S 200 BACK– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 1:39.13
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 1:40.92

Leading 8:

  1. Leon MacAlister (Stanford)– 1:40.13
  2. Jack Wadsworth (ASU)– 1:40.90
  3. Owen McDonald (ASU)– 1:41.28
  4. JT Ewing (NC State)– 1:42.63
  5. Aaron Sequeira (Stanford)– 1:42.68
  6. Kyle Ponsler (NC State)– 1:44.19
  7. Hayden Kwan (Stanford)– 1:44.55
  8. Josh Zuchowski (Stanford)– 1:45.24

Leon MacAlister finished a Stanford move of the 200 back by within 1.2 secs of his life time ideal time. While MacAlister has had a powerful hang on the 200 back at this fulfill, the area behind him is young. Underclassmen took 3rd via 8th location in this last.

ASU’s Jack Wadsworth got 2nd location and also he had the fastest opening rate with a very first 50 split of 22.80 contrasted to MacAlister’s 23.52. MacAlister’s uniformity settled ultimately though as he held 25’s via the remainder of the race to gain the win while Wadsworth discolored to a last 50 split of 27.16. Wadsworth is coming off an effective 2021-2022 period where he established the DIII National document in the 100 back at Ithaca.

FEMALE’S 100 FREE– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 47.18
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 48.44

Leading 8:

  1. Torri Huske (Stanford)– 46.85
  2. Katharine Berkoff (NC State)– 47.96
  3. Lillie Nordmann (Stanford)– 48.45
  4. Kayla Wilson (Stanford)– 48.70
  5. Kylee Alons (NC State)– 48.74
  6. Abbey Webb (NC State)– 48.83
  7. Anna Shaw (Stanford)– 48.92
  8. Morgan Tankersley (Stanford)– 49.43

Student Torri Huske came within.03 of her life time ideal time, which gained her 9th location at the 2022 NCAA Championships, to touch the wall surface initial tonight. This is the fastest time in the nation this period, although Gretchen Walsh attempted to match her for that title at the Tennessee Invite tonight with a 46.89.

Huske established the speed quick in Greensboro and also led virtually every person to defeat their prelims time, consisting of elderly Katharine Berkoff

There was a specifically fantastic displaying in this occasion from Stanford underclassmen that took initially, 3rd, 4th, and also 7th location. This will certainly be a large factor marker for both NC State and also Stanford that had a syndicate on this last.

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GUY’S 100 FREE– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 41.64
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 42.34

Leading 8:

  1. Max McCusker (ASU)– 42.03
  2. Give Home (ASU)– 42.11
  3. Patrick Sammon (ASU)– 42.45
  4. Jack Dolan (ASU)– 42.53
  5. Luke Maurer (Stanford)/ Victor Baganha (Penn State)– 42.71
  6. Bartos Piszczorowicz (NC State)– 42.94
  7. Jonny Kulow (ASU)– 43.25

The guys’s 100 complimentary last was an attack by the Sunlight Devils led by elders Max McCusker and also Give Home McCusker was the just one to break 20.00 on the initial 50 split, turning at 19.92, while elderly Jack Dolan was ideal behind him at the 50 in 20.19. Home had some frightening back-half rate, completing the race in 21.83 to pass Dolan and also Patrick Sammon and also grab 2nd location.

FEMALE’S 200 BUST– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 2:06.18
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 2:09.15

Leading 8:

  1. Sally Foley (Fight It Out)– 2:06.61
  2. Andrea Podmanikova (NC State)– 2:06.77
  3. Kaelyn Gridley (Fight It Out)– 2:07.82
  4. Heather MacCausland (NC State)– 2:10.17
  5. Sam Tadder (Stanford)– 2:10.92
  6. Emma Gehlert (ASU)– 2:12.69
  7. Aubree Brouwer (NC State)– 2:13.15
  8. Aurelie Migault (Military)– 2:13.58

Junior Sally Foley gained heaven Devils their initial occasion win of the evening after a limited fight with NC State elderly Andrea Podmanikova that completed at the Tokyo Olympics for Slovakia. Foley came within.9 of her life time ideal time, a mark she uploaded to position 9th at the 2022 NCAA Championships. Her fresher colleague Kaelyn Gridley made this an also larger occasion for Battle each other, taking 3.5 secs off her prelims time to safeguard 3rd location.

GUY’S 200 BUST– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 1:51.54
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 1:53.23

Leading 8:

  1. Mariano Lazzerini (Penn State)– 1:54.38
  2. David Schlicht (ASU)– 1:54.49
  3. Dan Raisanan (Penn State)– 1:54.66
  4. Zhier Follower (Stanford)– 1:55.61
  5. Cale Martter (ASU)– 1:55.78
  6. Ethan Dang (Stanford)– 1:56.24
  7. Evan Yoo (Military)– 1:57.91

Fresher Mariano Lazzerini was 3rd entering into tonight’s last yet he squashed his prelims time by 1.5 secs to gain the win tonight. His elderly colleague Dan Raisanen, an NCAA qualifier in this occasion in 2015, finished an effective 1-3 surface for the Nittany Lions. ASU elderly David Schlicht had a specifically solid center 100 (28.92/ 29.58) that made him untouchable although Raisanen had the fastest last 50 split in the area (29.47 contrasted to Lazzerini’s 29.83 and also Schlicht’s 30.10).

FEMALE’S 200 FLY– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 1:52.86
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 1:56.14

Leading 8:

  1. Charlotte Hook (Stanford)– 1:52.48
  2. Lindsay Looney (ASU)– 1:53.42
  3. Abby Arens (NC State)– 1:54.83
  4. Lucy Bell (Stanford)– 1:55.55
  5. Jade Foelske (ASU)– 1:56.01
  6. Catherine Purnell (Fight It Out)– 1:57.33
  7. Mia Leko (Fight It Out)– 1:57.39
  8. Elegance Sheble (NC State)– 1:58.29

ASU’s Lindsay Looney was initially at the 100, yet Stanford’s Charlotte Hook switched on the jets on the last fifty percent of the race, splitting a 28.96/ 29.13 to pass her and also safeguard the win. This is a life time ideal time for Hook by.24, defeating her previous ideal from March 2021. This was an extremely solid swim for Looney that uploaded a 1:53.25 at the 2022 NCAA Champions to position 10th. NC State junior Abby Arens squashed her prelims time by 1.5 secs to complete the leading 3.


GUY’S 200 FLY– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 1:40.20
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time– 1:42.42

Leading 8:

  1. Leon Marchand (ASU)– 1:39.57
  2. Alexander Colson (ASU)– 1:40.78
  3. Andrew Gray (ASU)– 1:42.18
  4. Noah Bowers (NC State)– 1:42.73
  5. Aiden Hayes (NC State)– 1:42.82
  6. Matt Fenlon (Stanford)– 1:43.79
  7. Luke Miller (NC State)– 1:44.97
  8. Johnny Affeld (Stanford)– 1:46.96

Marchand does it once again– damaging the 1:40.00 obstacle and also uploading a time that makes him the 16th all-time fastest entertainer in advance of 23-time Olympic gold champion Michael Phelps Phelps’ fastest backyards time was 1:39.65 which he uploaded in 2010.

What collection Marchand apart one of the most tonite was his last 100 which he divided (25.65/ 26.28) while no person else damaged 26.00 on their 3rd 50 and also the following fastest last 50 split originated from Alexander Colson that swam a 26.84. Marchand’s elderly colleagues Colson and also Andrew Gray finished a platform move for the Sunlight Devils, with both swimmers defeating their prelims times.

ASU guys and also NC State females are presently leading the group ratings as we head right into these last relays.

Female’s 400 Free Relay– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 3:14.10

Leading 8:

  1. Stanford– 3:09.82
  2. NC State– 3:12.47
  3. Stanford– 3:14.86
  4. ASU– 3:15.43
  5. Fight It Out– 3:16.92
  6. Penn State– 3:18.64
  7. NC State– 3:20.08
  8. Fight It Out– 3:20.55

2 groups fractured the NCAA ‘A’ reduced in this last, an accomplishment led by Stanford’s Ruck (47.44 ), Lillie Nordmann (48.21 ), Curzan (47.21 ), and also Huske (46.96 ). Huske’s sub-47 support leg was the fastest last 100 split in the area without a doubt with the next-fastest being a blistering 47.89 from NC State’s Arens that led the Wolfpack to a second-place surface. Junior Abbey Webb led off their relay in 49.05 and also handed it off to Berkoff (47.40) complied with by Alons (48.13 ).

Guy’s 400 Free Relay– Finals

  • NCAA ‘A’ Criterion– 2:50.52

Leading 8:

  1. ASU– 2:47.93
  2. NC State– 2:49.32
  3. ASU– 2:49.79
  4. Stanford– 2:50.38
  5. Nc State– 2:53.17
  6. Stanford– 2:55.05
  7. Penn State– 2:55.62
  8. Fight It Out– 2:57.16

With this win, ASU guys efficiently brushed up every relay at this fulfill. Tonight, their group of McCusker (42.51 ), Home (41.83 ), Marchand (42.08 ), and also Sammon (41.51) had the fastest divides in the area on the initial, 2nd, and also last legs of the race.

The one swimmer to outsplit ASU right here was NC State’s Luke Miller that blew up a 41.69 on the 3rd leg. Piszczorowicz led off the relay in 42.73 complied with by Giovanni Izzo‘s 42.78, after that Miller, and afterwards Seeker Tapp brought it residence in 42.12. These 2 groups, along with ASU’s ‘B’ group in third location, defeated the NCAA ‘A’ reduced this period.

Female’s Last Group Ratings

  1. NC State– 2189.5
  2. Stanford– 1897
  3. ASU– 1180
  4. Penn State– 1158
  5. Fight It Out– 1156
  6. Military– 332.5
  7. George Washington– 205
  8. UNC Asheville– 47

Guy’s Last Group Ratings

  1. ASU– 2392.5
  2. NC State– 1829.5
  3. Stanford– 1642
  4. Penn State– 918
  5. Fight It Out– 641.5
  6. Military– 489.5
  7. George Washington– 68